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Designer Shoelight : Oscar Tiye

Oscar Tiye was founded by Jordanian Designer Amina Muaddi together with her business partner Irina Curutz. The high end luxury shoe line was started in Milan in 2013. 

Tabitha Simmons Flouncy Floral Print Linen Sandals

"Tabitha Simmons Flouncy Floral Print Linen Sandals." Ordinarily I am not into florals but if they are in a teeny tiny print like this - then I reconsider! There's just something so cute and also unique about this pair - the flouncy part reminds me of really cute curtains. What do you gguys think of this pair pair? Yay or Nay?

Sunday Shoe Steals : 10 Pairs of Cute and Affordable Shoes

Happy Sunday Shoe Lovers! I hope you all had a fantabulous shoe filled week. To cap of the week - here are some cute and stylish and very affordable pairs. These shoes are proof that you don't need to spend big bucks to look good! Featured in this post are some gorgeous neutral pairs like these Charlotte Russe Block Heel pair above, a pretty pair of glitter smoking slippers from Sole Society and  great fringed peeptoe booties from Qupid. Check out the rest of the styles after the jump!

Rochas Yellow Crystal Embellished Suede Pumps

I wrote about how Rochas had some of the prettiest shoe designs in 2015 and this year, I am glad to see that they are keeping up with their streak in pretty shoes. These yellow flats are not only gorgeous but practical. It has a beautiful yellow color with the daintiest, and prettiest bow. What do you guys think of this pair?

Malone Souliers Selma Rose Leather Sandals

It's been raining the past few days is a little bit gloomy, so I though I'd spruce things up by posting about these fun and colorful heels from Malone Souliers.

These are the 'Selma' Rose leather sandals and they feature the cutest green folded up bows that show a different color (yellow) on the underside. The shoe also features a third color which is pink. It such a great combination! There is also another version in other colors which feature the most lovely combination : dark Brown and a dark and light pink! It really looks so cute. These shoe would look so pretty on the feet! What do you guys think of this pair?

Shoestagram : All the Shoes I've Been Wearing Lately

A roundup of all the shoes I've been wearing lately - shoes I've all posted on my Instagram account. In case you don't follow me, here they all are. Most of them are from my Shoe Line Sala Chaussures. The ones that aren't though are all really old and I can't find similar styles anymore except for a Zara Fringe pair down below. Check them all out after the jump!

Francesco Russo Bi-color Leather and Suede Heels

'Francesco Russo Bi-color Leather and Suede Heels.' There's something so chic and sleek about this pair. I love the raised part in the ankle area - that looks like it's belted with a black ankle strap. It looks so great on the feet - from the front it looks like a simple black barely there stiletto pair but sideways and from the back it has this little cool factor that makes the shoe look a bit more edgy. What do you guys think of this pair?

Valentines 2016 : 11 Pairs of Gorgeous Red Heels You Need in Your Closet

Valentines is upon us once again, and whether or not you have a date, it can't hurt to have great looking shoes right? Great looking red pairs I might add. In honor of the season...actually no, I may have used the Valentine occasion to round up all the red shoes out there but I don't regret it - there are so many cute ones that I found! After seeing all these, I definitely feel like only one pair of red in your closet is just not enough. I think I need moooore. Check out all 11 pairs for a pop of color to your outfits!

Sala Chaussures 'Ekaterina' Ballet Flats

I am so loving this new style from my own shoe line, Sala Chaussures. The 'Ekaterina' ballet flats are from the 'Les Classiques' collection (also a new collection we recently launched featuring classics and shoe staples that every girl must have) and  are named after a prima ballerina, Ekaterina Sankovskaya. Such a pretty name for a pretty shoe!! We came out with two different colors : The Ekaterina Gala is in a dark blue colored man made upper with a black velvet bow, and the Ekaterina Blush is in a blush pink color with a champagne colored silk bow. The bows tie around the feet in a unique way : over the length of the foot and ending, tied around the ankle. It is such a pretty and classic shoe!! What do you guys think? Check out the rest of photos after the jump!

Designer Shoelight : Paula Cademartori

I've been seeing this designer name pop up already from time to time in my Instagram feed and mentioned in other blogs and finally, I featured the first Paula Cademartori pair in the blog a few days ago. Paula Cademartori actually started out designing bags first and recently launched her shoe line in 2015. Cademartori is a Brazilian so for her, the more color the better! You can see it featured in her trademark fun, funky and colorful style aesthetic.

Peter Pilotto Geometric Ankle Strap Suede Sandals

A barely there sandal is one of my absolute favorite styles in a shoe. Seeing ones with such interesting elements like  geometric lines in metallic ad paired with suede material and snakeskin textures like these Peter Pilotto ones, make them all the more nice! This pair has a version in gray : with bronze and copper stripes and gray snakeskin panels. The other version is in black and features orange, blue and dark brown snakeskin accents. Which color do you like more and what do you guys think of this style?

J.Crew Black and Navy Heels With Bows

I have an obsession with bows on shoes so these J.Crew heels were a no brainer when it came to posting. It's in a suede and satin material with two tone colors : black and navy blue. The black grosgrain ribbon ties perfectly and so prettily  in the ankle! It says in the shoe description that it would be ideal to wear in the evenings but I say it would look great during the day too Wear it with jeans and a white top for a day out or brunch, I would say! What do you guys think?

3 Outfit Ideas For These Dolce&Gabbana Low Block Heels

I have mentioned several times already that I have really been into the low block heel. These Dolce Gabbana ones that I featured a few weeks back has a really cute and pretty style, and there are so many great outfits i thought would look great with it. Low block heels, I discovered look great with shorts, cuffed jeans or an above the knee dress. I think it may look a bit dowdy if worn with midi skirts and long skirts but you can always experiment with a  variety of different outfits! Here are three outfit ideas for these shoes.

Balenciaga Gray Mules with Bows

I'm a big fan of bows, mules not so much. This pair by Balenciaga is a mule and has bows. It's a pretty cute take on a mule, especially since it's a high stiletto heels ( I mentioned in a last post on mules that I was willing to reconsider them if they were in a really high heel and with a really cute design.). This pair has such a great gray color with bows that are half gray and half silver. Cute right? What do you guys think of this pair?

Weird Shoe Wednesday : Christopher Kane

Happy Weird Shoe Wednesday Shoe Lovers! These leather ankle boots by Christopher Kane feature irregular stitching all over the uppers. The white stitching is featured all over and look like wisps of white dust or cobwebs even. That isn't the most unusual part of the shoe though. The heels look liquid-like and look like it's dripping. Isn't that cool? I feel like it looks like it's as delicate and breakable as candle wax but I'm sure underneath is a sturdy stiletto heel. It just gives this cool candle-wax-dripping illusion. Perfect combination with the cobwebs! This shoe gives kind of spooky vibe. What do you guys think? Would you wear this pair?

Paula Cadematori Lotus Lace-Up Leather and Cork Sandals

A shoe designer to watch out for : Paula Cadematori. Her designs are really cute and unique. These lotus and lace-up leather and cork sandals have cut-out metallic finishing on the peeptoe, delicate metallic straps that tie around and a pretty fan-like design towards the back of the shoe that's made, I think to look like a lotus plant. Hence, the name. What do you guys think of this shoe? Will be making a Shoelight on this designer soon!

Her Life Is a Shoe : Ruxandra

This month's feature for "Her Life Is A Shoe" is Ruxandra from the blog "From Brussels with Love." Ruxandra has really great style and get this - owns about two hundred pairs of shoes!! My kind of fashionista! In this post, let's have a look at all her wonderful pairs, see how she stores her shoes, some outfits paired with and also get to know Ruxandra a little bit more.