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Shoed or Shoed Not : Christian Louboutin Squiggle Heel

Lately, Christian Louboutin has been coming out with a new type of heel. It's called the squiggle heel. And based from the name, the heel literally looks looks like it's "squiggling". Now I am a big fan of Louboutin shoes but to be quite honest, I have not really made my mind up on these squiggle heel range of his. Overall, I still prefer a straight sleek design. The style of this particular shoe is still pretty though, again he showcases gorgeous and intricate laser cut designs. As for the heel, well I think not for me but plus points for the creativity and unique idea. What do you guys think of the squiggle heel? Is this a Shoed or Shoed Not?

Francesco Russo Boots

Again, I am wishing for cold weather! It's boots like these that make me dream up of fall and winter outfits - only to realize once I step out of an air conditioning room that I can't ever wear these types of shoes in my country! Oh well, it's not a crime to dream right? Featuring this pair because I really love the whipstiched seams and ties and the little design border at the collar part. It's a simple black pair of boots but enhanced with all these wonderful details. What do you guys think?

Designer Shoelight : Valentina Carrano

Valentina Carrano is a fairly new shoe designer. I have featured some of her shoes HERE and HERE just recently and I find them to be quite feminine and sexy and gorgeous. Valentina has only just released her first full Spring collection and already she has nabbed an exclusive at Bergdorf Goodman's.

Christian Louboutin Nude Heels

Christian Louboutin has been doing a lot of designs with laser cuts lately. Laser cut is not the easiest execute properly, especially with cuts and designs as intricate and small as these. They are all done so perfectly an clean in this pair. It's not that clear in the photos but there is actually a glitter underlay. You cans see it more clearly once the photo is zoomed. The over all shape of the the shoe looks kind of like the So Kate pumps but this one is labeled as the 'Kristali". What do you guys think off all the intricate laser cut details?

Funky Shoes : Saint Laurent Lipstick Print Shoes

How funky are these shoes by Saint Laurent? The pair features lipstick prints all over. I have a friend who is a self confessed lipstick addict and I was wondering if she or any lipstick lovers would g as far to proclaim their love for lipsticks and wear this pair? I find them reaally cute and all but For me I think it's the shape of the shoe and it's cuts that won me over. The vamp is in a "V" shape that will surely make your feet look sexy. The heel height and arch are gorgeous. Not sure though I would buy this for the lipstick print! Overall I still find it to be a fun and funky shoe! What do you guys think?

Roger Vivier Ankle Booties

Isn't this ankle boot just so fantastically opulent looking?? It's  a gorgeous satin textured black bootie  with big cut-outs on the sides - cutouts that have a crystal embellished border all over.  Oh and let's not forget that cute little disco ball at the heel! What do you guys think of this pair? Too much or too beautiful to wear? I personally love it! If I had lotsa $$$ I would defintiely wear them! Too,too pretty!

Collections : Paul Andrew Pre-fall 2015

Paul Andrew's Pre-Fall 2015 collection has a lot of styles. I counted and there were like 136! A lot of the styles though are in some of his classic shapes like pumps, or the same style in different colors and textures. There are also some groups in the same colot/texture/prints that are in different shoe styles (in a pump, a platform a flat and etc.) Another distinctive style from the collection is fringe.

Tom Ford Multicolored Block Heel shoes

Though I profess my love of stiletto heels again and again in different blog posts, there is also a lot of room in my heart for the block heel . If done in a really great style and color and textures like these ones from Tom Ford, Block heels  are bound to look good on the feet and great with a lot of different outfits.

Weird Shoe Wednesday : Baiba Ladiga

Happy Weird Shoe Wednesday to all! Today's "Weird" Shoes are these leather and birch wood ones from Baiba Ladiga. I think they kind of look like a really modern and sculptural piece of furniture. With the high and sharp piece of leather shooting up and connected with this wooden platform - I think it rather looks like a contemporary  chair or something. I wouldn't wear it but for some reason when you see the photo of it being worn, it doesn't look that bad. What do you guys think of this cool design?

Gianvito Rossi Knotted Barely There Heels

Barely there heels are such a common occurrence here in Life is A Shoe. That's because it is one of my greatest shoe obsessions! I am going so far as to say that barely there heels need to officially be declared a classic. This version is by Gianvito Rossi (another one of my obsessions) has the cutest knotted ankle strap, perfect stiletto shape and height and an amazing arch. I would really love to see this in other colors besides black! What do you guys think?

Tuesday Trend : Fringe Shoes

I've been noticing a lot of fringe shoes out there, I myself got a pair just last week (a fringe pair I've been coveting ever since it came out at Zara and it was on suuuper sale!) I see a lot of designers and shoe brands putting out a love of their version with the trend. I see them mostly on high heeled stiletto sandals which I really love but also in some boots and flats. Check out more than twenty pairs of fringe shoes that I've gathered which are all really cute and stylish!

Alexandre Birman Wave Caged Sandal

I don't think I'll ever get tired of caged high heeled sandals and neither will the fashion world. Each season designers  come up with lots of new designs for the caged sandal. I really love the style as long as the heel is super, super high. (For some reason I hate and I mean absolutely hate flat caged sandals.) Anyhoo, Alexandre Birman's version this time are made up with these nice wavy lines that

An Ode to Christian Louboutin's "So Kate" Pumps

I keep repeating over and over again how perfectly shaped Christian Louboutin's pumps are. I think that he has mastered the perfect proportions in his pumps and heels. The arch is always a gorgeous curve with corresponding heel heights, and the cuts of the vamps and general shape of the shoe is gorgeous and all well proportioned. I last wrote an Ode to his Pigalle pumps and I always thought they were THE most perfectly shaped pumps. Well I still do, but then Louboutin released the "So Kate" pumps and now I think that they are also one of the most perfect looking plain pumps ever!

Chloe Ankle Boots

It's boots like these that make me wish there was Autumn/winter in my country. Yep, I have absolutely no business writing about or wearing boots like these because of  where I live. We have tropical weather with really humid temperatures. The "coldest" temperature we have is 24 degrees and this only happens very rarely. Maybe one or two days in a year there's actually a time when the temperature reaches 16 degrees but that's really rare. Wearing boots like these here would only elicit

Outfit Ideas : DOlce and Gabbana Rose Heels

Remember these Dolce and Gabbana beauties I featured a few days ago? Some might think it's too whimsical and maybe hard to style with that rose and some vines winding its way down the heel of the shoe, but I found quite a lot of outfits that go with it! Check out some outfit ideas for this beautiful shoe!

Balenciaga Suede Stretch Bootie

It's been awhile since I've seen a peep toe bootie that I liked. This Balenciaga Suede Stretch Bootie in my opinion looks classic but still has a bit of a trendy and unique flair. It has these cool cut-out patterns that have stretched cloth in them. I am also really loving the nude color and suede texture. As always, the high stiletto heel and gorgeous arch are both winners in my book. What do you guys think of this pair?

Collections : Alexandre Birman Pre-Fall 2015

Alexandre Birman's Pre-fall 2015 collection is an excellent prelude to fall. Featuring earthy colors, metallics and some grays and blacks, the shoes in this collection will look perfect with any outfit for the season. The collection features some classic styles like the Clarita sandal done in a more subdued color, some over the knee boots which I love and strappy, multi textured sandals.

Asos Blue Pumps

It was love at first sight the moment I saw this pair from Asos. The blue color and satin texture is just so beautiful! It also looks great  with the big yellow bow and embellishment. Not too garish, just right! The shape and heel height are also great. What do you guys think of this pair?

Schutz Shoes

Lace-up shoes are all the rage now (in fact I did a whole post about them a few weeks ago) but I'm still not sick of the trend. Each shoe designer and or brand always come up with different ways and designs incorporating the lace-up factor. One o these that I love are these Schutz ones.

Jimmy Choo Flats

Slingback heels are a style that I love. Slingback flats - not too keen on them unless it looks something like this! This pair from Jimmy Choo looks so dainty and pretty and minimal looking - despite the fact that it has studs. The studs are all in a neutral color and they blend it beautifully with the shoe.

Bridal Shoe Ideas

I have had so many friends get married lately. As a shoe lover I  thought it my duty to post a selection of bridal shoes (even if I, my self am nowhere near a bride).I researched on a ton of options and found so many beautfufl ones that I think I even want to wear these pairs on a normal basis!
I have come up with three categories : The Traditional, Formal Comfort and Non-Traditional. Each bride is different and have different ideas and notions on what shoes to wear on their special day so I hope any of these choices will appeal to every kind of bride out there! Check them all out after the jump!

Dolce and Gabbana Rose Heel Pumps

This pair from Dolce and Gabbana is one of the dreamiest and most whimsical pair I've come across this year. It is first and foremost a barely there stiletto sandal that has the most gorgeous satin nude color. On the heel you find roses and vines, with the vines crawling up the whole length of the heel. Isn't that the most genius design you've ever seen in a shoe? I think it is!

Etro Jacquard and Snakeskin Shoes

It's been awhile since I featured a chunky pair of shoes. I'm really more into the sleek skinny stiletto heels these days, but I just couldn't ignore this pair from Etro. The colors and textures of this pair are amazing. It combines jacquard ad snakeskin seamlessly. The sandal has mostly earthy tones of green and brown, but the jacquard part has the most beautiful shiny blue color that looks so great with the rest of the shoe. What do you guys think of this pair?

Weird Shoe Wednesday : Carolin Holzhuber

Carolin Holzhuber conjoined illusion sole. 
This pair by Carolin Holzhuber are two pairs conjoined -  kind of like shoe twins that are joined at the hip - or shall say, at the heel. When the shoe is upright, or rather, when one is wearing it, it looks like it has the same principle as a heel lees shoe except that it has some sort of stand at the bottom. This might probably some balance to  the shoe except that I myself would be too scared to wear this. ( I love high heeled shoes but at the same time I have a slight fear of heights, weird right?) It's a made to

Christian Louboutin So Kate Pumps in Purple

I am obsessing over the color of this shoe. Also the shape, arch, and heel height. In short, this is one of THE most perfect shoes I have come across! This is the So Kate pumps by Christian Louboutin. The So Kate has been around as one of their classic shapes but this is the first time I have come across a version in this glorious color. What do you guys think?

Collections : Charlotte Olympia's Around the World

Charlotte Olympia's Around the World collection features shoes that pay homage to her store locations around the world. Her t-bar sandals have all these funky but really gorgeous designs that represent the city of where the stores are located. This pair above has the most beautiful pink flamingo on them which represents the Miami store. Check out the rest of the quirky designs!

Pierre Hardy Pink Tasseled Heels

I have been obsessing over tassels for the longest time. Actually, I think the whole fashion world is obsessed with them too as I keep seeing tassels appear in numerous styles of shoes and bags! I just think it adds such a great punch to the over all style of the shoe or bag - plus they look great when you walk as they keep swinging prettily back and forth! This pair of Pierre Hardy pink tasseled heel is my latest obsession.