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Funky Shoes : Saint Laurent Lipstick Print Shoes

Saint Laurent black high heeled pumps with lipstick print
Saint Laurent

How funky are these shoes by Saint Laurent? The pair features lipstick prints all over. I have a friend who is a self confessed lipstick addict and I was wondering if she or any lipstick lovers would g as far to proclaim their love for lipsticks and wear this pair? I find them reaally cute and all but For me I think it's the shape of the shoe and it's cuts that won me over. The vamp is in a "V" shape that will surely make your feet look sexy. The heel height and arch are gorgeous. Not sure though I would buy this for the lipstick print! Overall I still find it to be a fun and funky shoe! What do you guys think?

Saint Laurent black high heeled pumps with lipstick print
Saint Laurent

Find this HERE.

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  1. what a fun heel! the print is so cute :D

  2. So girly!

  3. thanks for your nice comment ;)

    this shoe looks amazing!! love the lipstick print, so retro!!

  4. So wunderschön die Heels! :) <3


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