Friday, August 28, 2015

Shoed or Shoed Not : Christian Louboutin Squiggle Heel

Christian Louboutin

Lately, Christian Louboutin has been coming out with a new type of heel. It's called the squiggle heel. And based from the name, the heel literally looks looks like it's "squiggling". Now I am a big fan of Louboutin shoes but to be quite honest, I have not really made my mind up on these squiggle heel range of his. Overall, I still prefer a straight sleek design. The style of this particular shoe is still pretty though, again he showcases gorgeous and intricate laser cut designs. As for the heel, well I think not for me but plus points for the creativity and unique idea. What do you guys think of the squiggle heel? Is this a Shoed or Shoed Not?

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Francesco Russo Boots

Francesco Russo Black knee high boots with whipstiched seams and ties
Francesco Russo

Again, I am wishing for cold weather! It's boots like these that make me dream up of fall and winter outfits - only to realize once I step out of an air conditioning room that I can't ever wear these types of shoes in my country! Oh well, it's not a crime to dream right? Featuring this pair because I really love the whipstiched seams and ties and the little design border at the collar part. It's a simple black pair of boots but enhanced with all these wonderful details. What do you guys think?

Francesco Russo Black knee high boots with whipstiched seams and ties
Francesco Russo

Francesco Russo Black knee high boots with whipstiched seams and ties
Francesco Russo

Francesco Russo Black knee high boots with whipstiched seams and ties
Francesco Russo

Find this HERE.

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Designer Shoelight : Valentina Carrano


Valentina Carrano is a fairly new shoe designer. I have featured some of her shoes HERE and HERE just recently and I find them to be quite feminine and sexy and gorgeous. Valentina has only just released her first full Spring collection and already she has nabbed an exclusive at Bergdorf Goodman's.

Monday, August 24, 2015

Christian Louboutin Nude Heels

christian louboutin nude high heeled laser cut pumps
Christian Louboutin

Christian Louboutin has been doing a lot of designs with laser cuts lately. Laser cut is not the easiest execute properly, especially with cuts and designs as intricate and small as these. They are all done so perfectly an clean in this pair. It's not that clear in the photos but there is actually a glitter underlay. You cans see it more clearly once the photo is zoomed. The over all shape of the the shoe looks kind of like the So Kate pumps but this one is labeled as the 'Kristali". What do you guys think off all the intricate laser cut details?

Funky Shoes : Saint Laurent Lipstick Print Shoes

Saint Laurent black high heeled pumps with lipstick print
Saint Laurent

How funky are these shoes by Saint Laurent? The pair features lipstick prints all over. I have a friend who is a self confessed lipstick addict and I was wondering if she or any lipstick lovers would g as far to proclaim their love for lipsticks and wear this pair? I find them reaally cute and all but For me I think it's the shape of the shoe and it's cuts that won me over. The vamp is in a "V" shape that will surely make your feet look sexy. The heel height and arch are gorgeous. Not sure though I would buy this for the lipstick print! Overall I still find it to be a fun and funky shoe! What do you guys think?

Friday, August 21, 2015

Roger Vivier Ankle Booties

Roger Vivier black satin ankle boots with cutout and crystal embellishments
Roger Vivier

Isn't this ankle boot just so fantastically opulent looking?? It's  a gorgeous satin textured black bootie  with big cut-outs on the sides - cutouts that have a crystal embellished border all over.  Oh and let's not forget that cute little disco ball at the heel! What do you guys think of this pair? Too much or too beautiful to wear? I personally love it! If I had lotsa $$$ I would defintiely wear them! Too,too pretty!

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Collections : Paul Andrew Pre-fall 2015


Paul Andrew's Pre-Fall 2015 collection has a lot of styles. I counted and there were like 136! A lot of the styles though are in some of his classic shapes like pumps, or the same style in different colors and textures. There are also some groups in the same colot/texture/prints that are in different shoe styles (in a pump, a platform a flat and etc.) Another distinctive style from the collection is fringe.