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Her Life Is a Shoe : Ruxandra


This month's feature for "Her Life Is A Shoe" is Ruxandra from the blog "From Brussels with Love." Ruxandra has really great style and get this - owns about two hundred pairs of shoes!! My kind of fashionista! In this post, let's have a look at all her wonderful pairs, see how she stores her shoes, some outfits paired with and also get to know Ruxandra a little bit more. 



Who are you?
I'm Ruxandra, fashion blogger from Brussels, Belgium. I'm originally from Romania, but been living in Brussels for about 7 years now. Besides being a blogger, I also work as a marketing agent for Model Management and help my family run our grocery shop, but I can honestly say that my blog is the only thing I love best. I've always dreamt doing something related to my passion for fashion, so the day I got the idea to start a blog, was the best day ever! Ever since, I run From Brussels, with Love.


Who is your favorite shoe icon? (this can be whichever person, famous or not who's shoe styles you love)
I think Rihanna has the best pairs of shoes. I follow her as a fashion inspiration, shoes included :).


  Who are your favorite Shoe designers/brands?
I don't really have just one favorite shoe designer (or brand for that matter) because you can find a different inspiration in every shoe. For instance, Christian Louboutin always has a touch of elegance in his shoes, Giuseppe Zanotti has a particular design that screams "WOW!" and Sam Edelman has fashionable and comfortable shoes !
 Do you have a particular pair of shoes that you love more than the rest or have had a memorable experience with?
I love all my shoes, but sure, I have a few pairs that are my favorites. My camel Louboutins were my first pair of Loubis I ever got and of course, I love my Sophia Webster pair of sandals. My boyfriend got those for my 24th birthday.

 How Many pairs of shoes do you own and how do you store your shoes?
I own about 250 pairs ( give or take). It's very difficult to keep them all together, so I keep some of them under my desk on a shoe rack I designed and my boyfriend built for me, next to my desk on another shoe rack from Ikea, next to my wardrobe I keep the "important" pair of shoes (all from designers and big brands) so they're all in their original shoebox, in one of my wardrobe I keep some pairs of high boots from Zara and Mango, my go-to everyday shoes I store them in the shoe rack on the hallway. I also have some pairs of shoes in one of my store closets outside (like my sneakers or usual flat shoes), and of course I store my not-seasonal shoes in the attic. For instance now I have my summer shoes in the attic that are both not designer shoes or shoes that I can wear to an elegant dress.
P.S. I know, I'm crazy :) !

Heels or flats?
Heels to be fabulous and flats for walking! But if I wore to choose, I would always choose heels. They have more personality.

River IslandSachaZaraZara

Comfort or style?
It really depends on the event. But even if it's comfort, I always do it in style :).
What is your overall style mantra and philosphy?
Dress from the heart !
Describe the perfect outfit with the perfect shoes and where would you wear it?
A pair of white skinny jeans with a loose purple silk top, a white blazer and a pair of nude So Kate Loubies. Wear that on a daytime date and you'll never go wrong! 



Zara, Zara, Zara, Zara

Karen Millen, Mango, Schutz, Versace for H&M

Thanks Ruxandra, you have an amazing shoe collection and a great sense of style. P.S. You're not crazy haha! I also store my shoes all over the place. Too many shoes, too little storage!

Wishing everyone a shoe-filled day!

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  1. Nice post and photos!

  2. Wow great inspo!

    New on

  3. I never realized that Zara had so many great shoe options!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  4. that is a LOT of shoes! I have 13 boots and am thinking it's way too much already :p
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  5. Such an amazing post!I have a giveaway on my fb page, if you're interested :)


  6. Great post! Beautiful shoes!

  7. Wow love her shoes! The pimke pair is my fave!


  8. Lovely photos.

  9. Loving all of these shoes, wish I was cool enough to wear them haha

    Anything & Everything | Bloglovin'


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