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A Pretty Pair to brighten up your day...Valentino

Oh my goodness, I cannot stop staring at this shoe:

I hope this shoe brightened your monday! I know this shoe'll brighten me up any day!

They have it in several colors but for me this one is the best. I love the combination off the black satin with the sparkly gold bow. Such a gorgeous shoe!

Find them here.

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Wonderful Discounted Shoes

Lately I've been finding myself on lately, as seen in my last two posts here and here
I discovered quite a few shoes at a discounted price which are really pretty. I'm not sure what season they're from, but hey i'm not really one to buy shoes just because they're IN now. I buy them because they're pretty!
Though, these designer babies are discounted, I still find them rather expensive because I do not earn in dollars or pounds. Wait, what am I talking about? I don't even earn anything in the first place, i'm still unemployed! haha. Well for those of you out there who DO earn in said currencies, here are some shoes worth checking out:

These are by Lara Bohinc. I've never heard of this designer and judging from all the other Lara Bohinc shoes available at the outnet, this is a brand worth looking into. Expect a post about this designer soon.
Find these shoes here.

These Marc Jacob Shoes i absolutely LOVE because of the snake that coils arou…

Studded Shoes

I am not a big fan of studded shoes. Recent browsing of a discount website have however changed  my mind about some pairs. SOME. Especially since these pairs have the labels ALAIA and GIVENCHY.

Alaia Studded Round Toe Ankle Strap Pumps:

Find the link for these here.

Alaia Studded Peep Toe Ankle Strap Pumps

Find the link for these here.
Givenchy Studded Sandals

Find the link for these Givenchys here.
Giuseppe Zanotti Studded Sandals

Find the link for these Zanottis here.

Which ones do you guys love the most?
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Jimmy Choo Hologram Shoe

It says on the description : Now you see it, now you don't!

Basically my knowledge of a "hologram" is limited to hologram Lisa Frank stickers. The ones where at first you think its just a blank silver sticker but when you move it around, there's actually a picture of an animal in it! Though I'm not sure what the effects will be if you move around this shoe, i'm hoping they will be as whimsical and surprising as the hologram sticker. They look pretty nice already and I'm dying to see how they look when worn! I love the mesh with all those colors!

So do you guys spot any animals or creatures in the close-up? hahaha
Find them here.

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Sigerson Morrison calf Hair boots

A lot of blogs have been mentioning about the dalmatian print trend.

While the description on these boots don't exactly say that its a dalmation print, I think it's close enough. It's calf hair and best of all it's discounted! I think it would be fair enough to say that this will be good for fall, no?

Find these here.

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Glitter Booties

I know most of you out there are transitioning to fall and are slowly pulling out the booties from out of your closets.

Sadly, I cannot relate to that feeling because I live in a tropical country and we have no such thing as fall and winter.

Doesn't mean I can't look at nice boots and booties though!

Here's one that I really like:

This is Colin Stuart. I love how it has just the right amount of glitter and the suede material. I also love how it's not obnoxiously chunky (not that I have anything against chunky boots!) perfect with tights and skinny jeans. 
Find these here.

New Two-tones

Oh no she didn't...she bought another pair of shoes even if she wasn't supposed to! Ooops...I mean me actually...

But how could I not???As mentioned in this post, I just recently bought a pair of two tone shoes that I was gonna share to you soon. A lot of two tone shoes are either in black and gold or black and nude.The ones I got were black and light purple. Voila, here they are:

These babies are from Charles and Keith.I Really love them! At first I wasn't so sure about the structure and placement of the heel but then I realized, why not try something new? A lot of pointy stiletto pumps have the same kind of heel and structure anyway, so why not get something unique.

Remember these zara pumps that was one of the most talked about and featured Zara shoe everywhere last season? What I loved about that shoe was that the whole pump didn't close totally - there was an opened part in the side. While, sadly I didn't get to buy those particular shoes, I am doubly happy wi…

A Pretty Pair to brighten up your day...Aldo

So here's a pretty pair of shoes to brighten up your day:

I love the glitter with the velvet bow and ankle strap! I really want them ( ok I think every shoe I feature here I want, but seriously i really, reaaaallly want them!) I love that there's black velvet piping on the edges, it balances out the overall look of the shoe and keeps it from looking too glittery.

They are pretty affordable too, these are from Aldo.

Find them here.

I hope looking at these shoes brightened up your day.

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Stella McCartney Two Tones

Another fabulous pair of two tone shoes.

As mentioned in this post i did a few weeks back, I absolutely love two tone shoes.

I found anther GORGEOUS pair in (lots of shoe eye candy there by the way). This pair is by Stella McCartney.

What do you do when you put an ankle strap, the colors nude and black, some 4 inch stiletto and a quilted insole? Result: fab,fab shoe. Such simple attributes to a shoe, yet the outcome is something so gorgeous. And yes the shoe really does have a quilted insole, so this pair must be pretty comfy:

I found these here.

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Speaking of two-toned shoes, I just recently bought a pair a few days ago which I will share soon.

Have a great weekend everyone!!!

Emilio Pucci Eggplant Shoes

I call these Emilio Pucci's 'eggplant shoes' because of its color. (But maybe they're more on the barney purple color? haha whatever)

Are they not fabulous? Not only do I love the color, I also love the combination of the suede with the satin straps. Plus those little tassels are to die for. A lovely 'edgy' shoe that isn't chunky.

Find them here.

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Another Zara Shoe to covet

I am obsessed with Zara shoes!!! Ever since I've heard of the brand many,many years ago, it was always their shoes that I look at first and not the clothes or the bags. Their shoes have great styles and really good quality too! They are not cheaply made but are affordable. Love them!

Anyway here is another pair to covet:

Don't you just love how the back part of the shoe looks with the black, silver and brown color put together ?

Find these here.

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SS2012: Roberto Cavalli

I really like these Roberto Cavalli ss 2012 shoes but they kind of remind me of the shoes that Christian Siriano did for fall 2010.

Roberto Cavalli Spring/Summer 2012 shoes:

I mean I really love high wedges and the fact that these wedges have a twist to them and has some pretty intricate designs in them. It's great! I think if Charlotte Olympia and McQueen would collaborate on a shoe, this would be the outcome! (haha just my opinion)

(photos from

Here are the Christian Siriano ones...

Christian Siriano Spring/Summer 2012 shoes:

What do you guys think? Which do you like more? I mean I love both!


Just a quick break from posting about all those Spring/Summer 2011 shoes...
I finally got one of the pairs of shoes that I was lusting for in this post. I am soooo happy because:
1.) I haven't bought a new pair of shoes since the first week f august and this finally satisfied what I call my 'withdrawal shoetoms' 2.) They are gorgeous, I love the color and it fits perfectly!

I got this from an online shop called feet for a queen.

Some More Spring 2012

Here are some more Spring/Summer 2012 shoes that caught my eye:

Narciso Rodriguez

I love the light colors, grey with white and then a dark brown with white. Love the style and the height!


I did an entry a few months ago about these Jeremy Scott for Adidas shoes and they had wings! And so do these Pradas-only difference is: they are girlier and more glamorous ofcourse! Love them!

There were so many pretty color combinations and designs, I had a hard time choosing which photos to upload. Isn't that wedge just awesome? They look like little flames coming out of your heel!

Dolce and Gabbana

There were so many different styles of shoes in this collection - from velvet mary janes to strappy heels with plexiglass to edgy open toe laced booties. This collection however, kinda confirms that plexiglass will most probably be in next season since so many designers are doing them. Also another thing that will be big is the mary jane! Marc Jacobs did some of them and now we see some here. I …