New Two-tones

Oh no she didn't...she bought another pair of shoes even if she wasn't supposed to! Ooops...I mean me actually...

But how could I not???As mentioned in this post, I just recently bought a pair of two tone shoes that I was gonna share to you soon. A lot of two tone shoes are either in black and gold or black and nude.The ones I got were black and light purple. Voila, here they are:

These babies are from Charles and Keith.I Really love them! At first I wasn't so sure about the structure and placement of the heel but then I realized, why not try something new? A lot of pointy stiletto pumps have the same kind of heel and structure anyway, so why not get something unique.

Remember these zara pumps that was one of the most talked about and featured Zara shoe everywhere last season? What I loved about that shoe was that the whole pump didn't close totally - there was an opened part in the side. While, sadly I didn't get to buy those particular shoes, I am doubly happy with my new Charles and Keith find because it has sort of the same concept as the Zara one, The opened pump. Plus the added bonus of the wonderful color combination!

* For some of you who do not know,Charles and Keth is a Singaporean brand. I'm not sure if they are heard of in Europe and the USA. The have a website, but the last time I checked, they were still updating it. Here is the link.


  1. If your life is THIS shoe, you have a good one.


  2. gorgeous shoes!! love the two toned <3

  3. wow, preciosos zapatos! pero ese tacon... jajaja
    thanks about your comment on my blog!

  4. they look lovely <3
    thanks for visiting my blog :)
    do you want to follow each other maybe?
    let me know :)


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