Jimmy Choo Hologram Shoe

It says on the description : Now you see it, now you don't!

Basically my knowledge of a "hologram" is limited to hologram Lisa Frank stickers. The ones where at first you think its just a blank silver sticker but when you move it around, there's actually a picture of an animal in it! Though I'm not sure what the effects will be if you move around this shoe, i'm hoping they will be as whimsical and surprising as the hologram sticker. They look pretty nice already and I'm dying to see how they look when worn! I love the mesh with all those colors!

So do you guys spot any animals or creatures in the close-up? hahaha

Find them here.

All photos from neimanmarcus.com


  1. No animals or creatures or schooners, but I do see my foot in them!! Lol. Love me some Jimmy Choo's!!


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