Wonderful Discounted Shoes

Lately I've been finding myself on theoutnet.com lately, as seen in my last two posts here and here

I discovered quite a few shoes at a discounted price which are really pretty. I'm not sure what season they're from, but hey i'm not really one to buy shoes just because they're IN now. I buy them because they're pretty!

Though, these designer babies are discounted, I still find them rather expensive because I do not earn in dollars or pounds. Wait, what am I talking about? I don't even earn anything in the first place, i'm still unemployed! haha. Well for those of you out there who DO earn in said currencies, here are some shoes worth checking out:

These are by Lara Bohinc. I've never heard of this designer and judging from all the other Lara Bohinc shoes available at the outnet, this is a brand worth looking into. Expect a post about this designer soon.

Find these shoes here.

These Marc Jacob Shoes i absolutely LOVE because of the snake that coils around the leg as the ankle straps. Isn't this so gorgeous???I love the combination of the gold and red also. These shoes may not look so high but it is actually 4.5 inches, which makes me love this even more! 

Find these here.

These are Vouelle. Another brand I have not heard of (but they sound vaguely familiar) and one brand that I will feature as soon as I get all the details! This shoe will transition to Spring 2012 because it has all the trends as seen in the spring 2012 runways: pointy toed, hints of plexiglass and the white pump!

 Link for these here.

These are Sergio Rossi, there was also a black version but I think this color is pretty unique with the design! 

Find them in this link.

Daniele Michetti. I was going to say that I have not heard of this designer, but come to think of it, I may have come across this brand in some other blog awhile back...And I remembered a lot of gorgeous shoes from this brand! This pair itself, I find really cool and unique. It's edgy and tribal and just really cool! This would have been great in a nude or light brown color too!

 Link for this is here.

Whew, so this was one long post! I figured I would put ll these in one post since they all came from the same website. Hope you liked all my picks.

All photos from theoutnet.com


  1. I haven't heard or seen the shoes of Vouelle and Lara Bonhic either and their shoes look amazing and very inspiring. Thanx for sharing! <3

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  3. I love the Outnet! they have great deals and I've always had good experiences with them.

  4. i want those blue ones!!


    - teeney



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