Another Zara Shoe to covet

I am obsessed with Zara shoes!!! Ever since I've heard of the brand many,many years ago, it was always their shoes that I look at first and not the clothes or the bags. Their shoes have great styles and really good quality too! They are not cheaply made but are affordable. Love them!

Anyway here is another pair to covet:

Don't you just love how the back part of the shoe looks with the black, silver and brown color put together ?

Find these here.

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  1. When I check out websites of stores the first thing I check are the shoes also. :) That shoe above is so sexy. Architectural but in a subtle way.
    Mars of fashion insouciance

  2. these are amazing... in so many ways.
    thanks so much for your comment on my blog aswell, sweetie.
    i love ADR too! x.

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