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Collections : 5 Inch and Up x River Island

There have been a lot of collaborations between big-name high street brands and bloggers. One of these collaborations is between blogger Sandra Hagelstar of  5 inch and Up and High Street Giant River Island. They collaborated on a shoe collection. Of course with a blog called 5 inch and up, it couldn't be a more perfect match.

Sala Chaussures : The Apophis Pump

The Pre-Holiday 2014 Collection of my Shoe Line Sala Chaussures is particularly exciting. This season's theme is going to be Egyptian. I personally can't think of another civilization or culture that could be any cooler than  the Egyptians. I have already shown you guys the first few styles : The Nile Weekender, The Nefertiti Flat and The King Tut Weekender. The last style is finally available. May I present to you another winged heel style from the Sala Label : The Apophis Pump.

Sexy Stiletto Saturdays...Reed Krakoff

It's been a while since I've seen a barely there sandal that I like - all of them are all starting to look the same. These Reed Krakoff nude barely there sandals though have the right touch of style and sexiness. It's minimal but not boring and it has a sexy stiletto heel which is a what barely there heels are mostly all bout. I love that the ankle strap is held up by a really thin an delicate ribbon.

Shoed or Shoed Not? Paul Andrew Gray Heels

Today's Shoed or Shoed Not? edition, we have these Paul Andrew Heels.

Jimmy Choo Perspex and Lace Heels

I really love how the shoe looks like it's made of glass or something. These are by Jimmy Choo and in the description it says that it's a "Nude Perspex Lace". Apparently Perspex is some kind of solid plastic material. It makes the overall look of the shoe look really cool don't you think? Plastic and Lace look pretty great together! The hints of gold and black also round up the over all style of the shoe perfectly.

Weird Shoe Wednesday...The Heartbreak Shoe

Today's Weird Shoe Wednesday pair are these booties/lace-ups that err, happens to have a face of a man as its heel.

Collections : Alexandre Birman Fall 2014

Alexandre Birman  is definitely one of my favorite shoe designers. His designs are sleek ad classic, yet they also have these intricate elements like laser cut-outs that make his shoes look all the more special. The Fall 2014 collection was definitely not a disappointment.

Manolo Blahnik Caged Booties

I have to say I'm a little surprised to see a caged bootie that is by Manolo Blahnik. His shoes are mostly the pointy pumps that were popularized by Carrie Bradshaw on Sex and the City.

Gianvito Rossi Suede and Mesh Ankle Strap Shoes

I've actually already written about these Gianvito Rossi shoes before, the black version of them. I can't help but feature this style again because they are absolutely gorgeous in the nude! The style features these precise and well proportioned cut-outs all over the shoes. The cuts have mesh in them and the shape and ankle strap is just perfect. Gianvito Rossi really has some of the best shaped shoes out there!

Shoes Lately

I haven't updated my Shoes Lately Portion. If you follow me on instagram you'll see that these are all a round up of all my "shoefies" or "shoes of the day" posts. Anyway if you missed all that, here are the shoes that have been on my feet lately.

Shoed or Shoed not : Elle Striped Heels with Bows

Bringing back a series that I started a long time ago but never updated. It's called Shoed or Shoed Not?

Collections : Gianvito Rossi Fall/Winter 2014

The Fall/Winter 2014 Collection of Gianvito Rossi has a lot of the usual fall colors that other designers have : lots of black, nudes and a sprinkling of prints and a bit of red. I love the collection though despite the repetition of colors.

Sala Chaussures...The Nefertiti Flat Sandal

This is the third style of the Pre-Holiday Collection of my Shoe line Sala Chaussures. The Nefertiti Flat Sandal is simple and sleek, with the right amount of glitz and metal on it. Since we already have the Nile Weekender and the King Tut for the royal male version, the Nefertiti is the perfect addition to the whole Egyptian themed collection. All hail the Queen!

A Pretty Pair to Brighten Up Your Day...Christian Louboutin

I'm pretty sure you're all hungover from a wild Halloween filled weekend of partying and are literally dragging yourselves back to work today. Having a total case of Monday blues is common and I'm here to show you a really pretty pair of shoes to help alleviate it a bit. Looking at pretty shoes always brighten up my day, I hope it does for you too.

Bionda Castana Beatrix Pumps

It's already November! Wow, time really flew by uber fast. November means the holidays are getting nearer and nearer. I think a red pair of heels is  the perfect pair to feature for the first day of this month don't you think? These Bionda Castana heels are sleek and dainty with a tiny ribbon, a little mesh and the perfect point. The heels also look ultra high and perfect.