Thursday, July 28, 2011

Shoe Goal - A challenge to myself

While looking at my shoe collection earlier this morning, I realized that I have quite a number pairs of shoes. A lot actually compared to most people..

I also realized that I have a lot of gorgeous shoes that I haven't worn a lot of times. I even have a couple of pairs that I have NOT worn since I bought it! :o A few posts back, I wrote about the shoperwoman challenge and said that I was too late to join. To give a rundown of the shoe challenge by the shoeperwoman, you have to wear all of your shoes within one year, those that remain unworn must be given away. This is a great way to really maximize wearing all your shoes. Sadly, I was not able to join the challenge because its too late to catch up.

Soooo, this morning I came up with my own goal. Since the shoeperwoman challenge is still like, 6 months to go before its over and I can join, I will try to devise a way to wear those shoes i've hardly worn.

This is how it goes:

I will select 4 pairs of shoes that i HARDLY wore since I bought them. These four shoes will also be the only pairs of shoes I can wear the whole week.

Here are the fours pairs I chose, with a description and the number of times I wore it in its lifetime:

Pretty Ballerina flats that I got from Korea. Have worn this only twice since I got it last April.

These sandals have only been worn once since I bought it on February this year, and they were worn with flared pants, thus its beauty couldn't even be seen that time.

Sam Edelman pumps, bought on sale last December 2010, only worn once.

Beautiful cobalt blue heels, also only worn once since I bought last November 2009!!!

Whoa, I really am bad! How could I have just let all these shoes sit there not being worn? :o I haven't bought a pair of shoes the whole month and I won't until I complete this batch and maybe one or two more batches!

Check back here on my blog from time to time to see how I did! Might post outfit pics..goodluck to meeee!

Challenge starts NOW! It will end next Thursday night, August 04, 2011.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Fall 2011 : Balenciaga

I will be doing a series of fall 2011 shoes that I like. Much like what I did with Spring/Summer 2011 shoes.

Although I know its late to be showing you the shoes, spring/summer 2012 will be coming soon so i better get this underway.

First up: Balenciaga

I loved these pairs, especially in blue:

I love how they mixed the velvet and animal skin texture.

I also like the design on these ones but i wish they were LESS pointier...

Take a look at the burgundy colored ones below...See what i mean about it being too pointy? ech...but the black and white ones above are really gorgeous though..

all pictures are from

UPDATE: Ok I just remembered, the second style of shoes i mentioned here reminds me of my H&M shoes I got over Christmas! see here in this post.

Or better yet here's a picture:

Hmmm...I wonder who did the original design before? Maybe Balenciaga are redoing designs, i dunno does anybody know? But whatever they're both great looking either way...

Friday, July 22, 2011

ASOS Bow Shoes

I am loving these bow pumps from Asos.

As I have mentioned over numerous posts throughout this blog, i really, really love shoes with bows in them.

This pair is no exception.

I love the white piping detail and the contrast of the white bow against the black.

They have it in nude as well but in my opinion, i like the black ones more.

Here is the nude version:

Which ones do you like best? I would love to hear your opinion.

I found them here.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Shoe of the Day

I wore my new Michael Antonio shoes out the other day - just out to lunch.

I normally don't post outfit pics - this will be one of the rare times that I will.

Also wanted to show my new Longchamp - I got this on sale. Unbelievable price and undelievable bag! Isnt it pretty? I love the color of the bag! And the shape and the leather too!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

H by Halston

I was browsing through Bakers Shoes and I found that Halston has a lower priced line. Or is it a collaboration with Bakers? I'm not sure, but I am loving this pair:

It may look like another ordinary neutral toned strappy shoe, but check out how it looks like when worn:

Dont they look fabulous when? They are worn by the model in the middle by the way. I love how theres a strap that crosses over the foot but leaves one side of the foot bare. Its kind of Jill sander-ish dont you think? Other than that, I love the satin and that detail in the heels.

You can find them here.

Beach Shoes - What to Pack

Just squeezing in a quick post before I have to get up at 430 AM. I'm leaving for a little weekend get away - just to a little town not far from my own where my friends and i will be soaking up the sun at the beach during the day and partying up at night.

So what shoes do I pack? My friend who is from that town says not to get over dressed since its very chill, dress code will be like shorts or flip-flops asides from swimwear. So that means no wearing heels the whole weekend. I'm really NOT a flip-flop girl, the only time i ever wear slippers is in my bedroom or out on the beach. I decided resort chic will be the theme for the weekend so I have narrowed down my options to these two flat sandals:

Red Open flats from Zara, with a cork sole that tie around the ankle:

The other ones are random gold sandals I found in my room. These arent even mine, theyre actually my sister's. But hey, she's not here so I can use them right?

They'r really pretty right? I hope my sister forgets about them!

How about you, what do you usually pack for a short weekend beach/resort/small town get away? I would love to hear your answers.

Have a fabulous weekend everyone!

NEW SHOES - Seychelles

So, as mentioned in a previous post, I was at my country's capital on the weekend and I got myself a couple of pretties. here is another one:

This is a brand called Seychelles. They carry these at a local department store. Here is their website if you're curious.

These are sooo pretty when they are worn. I don't think my sucky pictures did them justice. Also I feel like I should have been wearing red toe polish when I took this picture - would have gone better with the shoe.

Its not that clear in the photos but the black part of the shoe actually has a snakeskin-like texture. That plus the gold piping detail plus the stones all complement very nicely. Oh and did I mention they were on sale???

Love it!!!


I wish I lived in the UK. Well actually, one of the reasons for that statement is River Island.

This is a UK brand that I heard about from one of my favorite shoe blogs, shoeperwoman. She always has some river Island Shoes posted in her blog entries. Anyways, I decided to check out their site and almost wish that I hadn't. Imagine, loads of gorgeous shoes to choose from at an affordable price no less! Too bad I can't shop there :o

Anyway here are some of my picks, for those of you who CAN shop there or those who dont mind paying an exorbitant shipping price/tax if you dont live in the UK, Enjoy:

I super love the colours of these:

Yet another nude, ribboned, peeptoe - ok you get the picture, i love any one of those factors in shoes and this pair is the epitome of that.

And the piece de resistance:

 Do these not look like valentinos or something? GORGEOUS!!!!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

NEW SHOES - Michael Antonio

So I went to the country's capital and stocked up on some shoes. Here is one of the pairs that I bought:

These are Michael Antonio. I am soooo glad I found these! I was already contemplating on another pair of nude wedges and was all set to buy it when these came along! Good thing patience has its rewards!

i love this for the height, the texture and as what my sister said it really looks like 'high fashion shoes'

They look better in person! (ok, i am talking like shoes are human beings) But yeah, I suck at taking pics.

I found the blue version online, but couldnt find mine. Oh well, wanted to show a better picture of the shoe in the color I chose, but its ok. They're really awesome! Cant wait to wear them.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Giuseppe Zanotti Fall 2011

Gorgeous Zanottis,we have over here:

Pictures from Luisaviaroma

The details are fabulous and the color is great - would look so great with sexy red polished toes! Also, the thin double strap of the ankle is of note!

Found them here.

Edmundo Castillo Fall 2011 Shoe

This is a really sexy shoe :

Pictures from Luisaviaroma

They remind me of something Carrie Bradshaw used to wear. I've been watching Sex and The City episodes again - can't get enough of that show even if its been like what, 6 years since they wrapped up that show?

Anyway, I think they call this style d'orsay. Don't ask me why but i've noted that that is what they call shoes that has a back part and a front part and the middle of the foot is bare. Did I explain it just right? Oh well, if nobody got it, then just look at the shoe. Pretty isn't it? And so delicate. This would look great on a dress or cropped pants. This shoe can be found here.