Shoe Goal - A challenge to myself

While looking at my shoe collection earlier this morning, I realized that I have quite a number pairs of shoes. A lot actually compared to most people..

I also realized that I have a lot of gorgeous shoes that I haven't worn a lot of times. I even have a couple of pairs that I have NOT worn since I bought it! :o A few posts back, I wrote about the shoperwoman challenge and said that I was too late to join. To give a rundown of the shoe challenge by the shoeperwoman, you have to wear all of your shoes within one year, those that remain unworn must be given away. This is a great way to really maximize wearing all your shoes. Sadly, I was not able to join the challenge because its too late to catch up.

Soooo, this morning I came up with my own goal. Since the shoeperwoman challenge is still like, 6 months to go before its over and I can join, I will try to devise a way to wear those shoes i've hardly worn.

This is how it goes:

I will select 4 pairs of shoes that i HARDLY wore since I bought them. These four shoes will also be the only pairs of shoes I can wear the whole week.

Here are the fours pairs I chose, with a description and the number of times I wore it in its lifetime:

Pretty Ballerina flats that I got from Korea. Have worn this only twice since I got it last April.

These sandals have only been worn once since I bought it on February this year, and they were worn with flared pants, thus its beauty couldn't even be seen that time.

Sam Edelman pumps, bought on sale last December 2010, only worn once.

Beautiful cobalt blue heels, also only worn once since I bought last November 2009!!!

Whoa, I really am bad! How could I have just let all these shoes sit there not being worn? :o I haven't bought a pair of shoes the whole month and I won't until I complete this batch and maybe one or two more batches!

Check back here on my blog from time to time to see how I did! Might post outfit pics..goodluck to meeee!

Challenge starts NOW! It will end next Thursday night, August 04, 2011.


  1. I totally agree with you on this one, and I think this is a brilliant idea! I love those Sam Edleman ones!!

  2. This is a good idea! The Sam Edelman ones are to die for, and snakeskin is really in this season so they're perfect for right now :)

  3. Excellent idea cause u have fabulous pairs!! Give bit respect to them!:Dlol
    Thank u for your lovely comment, I hope I'll be able to see u soon again on my blog..:) have a lovely weekend!!

  4. Hi was just wondering what brand the cobalt blue ones are? They're gorgeous!


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