Beach Shoes - What to Pack

Just squeezing in a quick post before I have to get up at 430 AM. I'm leaving for a little weekend get away - just to a little town not far from my own where my friends and i will be soaking up the sun at the beach during the day and partying up at night.

So what shoes do I pack? My friend who is from that town says not to get over dressed since its very chill, dress code will be like shorts or flip-flops asides from swimwear. So that means no wearing heels the whole weekend. I'm really NOT a flip-flop girl, the only time i ever wear slippers is in my bedroom or out on the beach. I decided resort chic will be the theme for the weekend so I have narrowed down my options to these two flat sandals:

Red Open flats from Zara, with a cork sole that tie around the ankle:

The other ones are random gold sandals I found in my room. These arent even mine, theyre actually my sister's. But hey, she's not here so I can use them right?

They'r really pretty right? I hope my sister forgets about them!

How about you, what do you usually pack for a short weekend beach/resort/small town get away? I would love to hear your answers.

Have a fabulous weekend everyone!