I wish I lived in the UK. Well actually, one of the reasons for that statement is River Island.

This is a UK brand that I heard about from one of my favorite shoe blogs, shoeperwoman. She always has some river Island Shoes posted in her blog entries. Anyways, I decided to check out their site and almost wish that I hadn't. Imagine, loads of gorgeous shoes to choose from at an affordable price no less! Too bad I can't shop there :o

Anyway here are some of my picks, for those of you who CAN shop there or those who dont mind paying an exorbitant shipping price/tax if you dont live in the UK, Enjoy:

I super love the colours of these:

Yet another nude, ribboned, peeptoe - ok you get the picture, i love any one of those factors in shoes and this pair is the epitome of that.

And the piece de resistance:

 Do these not look like valentinos or something? GORGEOUS!!!!