Fall 2011 : Balenciaga

I will be doing a series of fall 2011 shoes that I like. Much like what I did with Spring/Summer 2011 shoes.

Although I know its late to be showing you the shoes, spring/summer 2012 will be coming soon so i better get this underway.

First up: Balenciaga

I loved these pairs, especially in blue:

I love how they mixed the velvet and animal skin texture.

I also like the design on these ones but i wish they were LESS pointier...

Take a look at the burgundy colored ones below...See what i mean about it being too pointy? ech...but the black and white ones above are really gorgeous though..

all pictures are from style.com.

UPDATE: Ok I just remembered, the second style of shoes i mentioned here reminds me of my H&M shoes I got over Christmas! see here in this post.

Or better yet here's a picture:

Hmmm...I wonder who did the original design before? Maybe Balenciaga are redoing designs, i dunno does anybody know? But whatever they're both great looking either way...


  1. i agree with you about them being too pointy but i do like the design details; colour/texture very chic and you could pair with nearly anything in your wardrobe. Love the fact that your whole blog is dedicated to shoes!




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