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Which Zara shoe do I get???

Which of these Zara shoes do I get?

So my sister is coming home soon and I always ask her to buy me anything form Zara (Well almost always SHOES from Zara) since its cheaper over there.

I have narrowed down my choices to these two options:

These shoes kind of remind me of dancing shoes but I find them really pretty, the combination of nude plus black with some glitter thrown in is great. Plus the T-strap. I imagine Giovanna Battaglia (one of my favorite style icons) wearing these with a short white dress, and I can imagine myself wearing them too! Haha

The second pair:

I love it because its so colorful - love the color combination. Color blocking is so on trend right now, but Ill admit I wasn't completely sold on this shoe until I saw the front part : the t-strap that starts halfway through the foot plus the double bars with color blocking. Loves.

Also saw a polka dotted peep toe pair that were too cute to NOT post:

So what do you suggest I get?? I'd love to hear your opinion :)


I am so NOT a sneaker/rubber shoes person! Unless I have to exercise (which I hardly do) then I wear athletic shoes. So I avoid shoe brands like Nike, Adidas, Reebok and etc...

But then, gasp I actually LOVE a pair from Adidas! My sister's boyfriend gave it to her and I totally, totally want my own pair:

Okay, okay. Theyre not excatly sneakers (which is why I LOVE them) They are more like ballet flats. With WINGS. How cool and adorable is that???

This is a collaboration of Jeremy Scott and Adidas. Im not sure who Jeremy Scott is but his designs are great! Im thinking of buying the pink pair so that it wont be the same as my sister's. They also have a black pair with polka dots in them.

I Can't wait to get my own pair and fly away with them!!! Teehee!


When I mean snake shoes, i literally mean snake shoes.

I say this because, for one, they are shaped like a snake and two, its made out of real snakeskin.

The other day, I was at my friends house for her son's baptism dinner and I noticed that her neighbor had a tarp sign that said they had some sandals for sale. So being the thick persons we were, we invited ourselves inside the house to check them out.

The snake sandals were soooo pretty. The straps are made of genuine snake skin and the sole was leather too. I love how the body of the snake coils around as a strap to your legs. They also had it in brown, black, pink and red. My friend got the brown ones. Unfortunately, I dont have more pictures because the owner doesn't have any website. All she had was an email address and I forgot to take it down. Ill ask my friend again and put it up here.

I can't believe that in my last few posts I just said I had to slow down on buying shoes. And at my friend's house, there I…


OK, I am literally having shoes for breakfast...

I'm eating my breakfast now, and the laptop is right infront of me and Im reading up on, well shoes.

Here are the shoes I'm Having for breakfast:

Alaias, found on I wish the arch of the shoe was better, but I relly like the color and the design. It's snake skin and has a leather sole. It will probably look better when worn.

Brian Atwood. The arch in this pair is a lot better, and I'm already aching with sadness at the thought of how GORGEOUS this will look on one's feet.And the reason why I'm sad is because I can't have them. Oh well, for those who can afford, they are at

I'm also reading the shoperwoman's blog. You guys should check her blog out - she has this thing called the "Shoe Challenge" wherein you have exactly one year to try to wear all pairs of your shoes to "save them" . At the end of the year, you have to say bye-bye to the shoes that haven't been wor…

Aperlai Boots

Awhile back, I wrote an entry about this brand, Aperlai. They have some beautiful shoes.

This boot from their fall/winter collection is pretty unique. If we actually had a winter season here in my country and i had all the moola, I would get this!

The shape is great and I love the two-tone factor. Not your usual boot. So unique, but to me still classic. I would still wear this several winters to come.


These arrived in the mail the other day from my favorite online shoe shop.

I have mentioned several times that I absolutely adore bows on shoes and this pair is no exception.

They were even higher than I expected, but all the better. Can't wait to wear them.

I'm also contemplating on this pair:

It's actually just a plain pump and the heel doesnt look that high but it's a nice shape for a shoe and I rally looove the color. I don't have a pair of lilac shoes in my shoe closet. What do you think???

I think I have to slow down a bit though on the shoe buying, must have bought like 12 pairs already since the year started and its only April, but Howell....let's see how long i can last. Haha.


Just wanted to share these lovely Chrsitian Siriano for Payless Shoes.

I got it a month ago in my country's capital. (We dont have Payless yet in my little city, but we will soon, yipeee!!!)

I'll have to say though that the reason why I was so excited that Payless was coming to the country was because I found out Christian Siriano was designing for them. About a year ago I read some blog who talked about it and featured pictures of his shoes. Several researches for pictures of his shoes made we want pairs designed by him. i really like his designs!

Payless also has a collaboration with Lela and Rose and Alice + Olivia, but in my opinion I liked Siriano's shoes the best.