When I mean snake shoes, i literally mean snake shoes.

I say this because, for one, they are shaped like a snake and two, its made out of real snakeskin.

The other day, I was at my friends house for her son's baptism dinner and I noticed that her neighbor had a tarp sign that said they had some sandals for sale. So being the thick persons we were, we invited ourselves inside the house to check them out.

The snake sandals were soooo pretty. The straps are made of genuine snake skin and the sole was leather too. I love how the body of the snake coils around as a strap to your legs. They also had it in brown, black, pink and red. My friend got the brown ones. Unfortunately, I dont have more pictures because the owner doesn't have any website. All she had was an email address and I forgot to take it down. Ill ask my friend again and put it up here.

I can't believe that in my last few posts I just said I had to slow down on buying shoes. And at my friend's house, there I was expecting not to spend any money and I end up shopping at her next door neighbors house! Sigh. Oh well, they are a pretty and unique pair. And a good buy too!