Which Zara shoe do I get???

Which of these Zara shoes do I get?

So my sister is coming home soon and I always ask her to buy me anything form Zara (Well almost always SHOES from Zara) since its cheaper over there.

I have narrowed down my choices to these two options:

These shoes kind of remind me of dancing shoes but I find them really pretty, the combination of nude plus black with some glitter thrown in is great. Plus the T-strap. I imagine Giovanna Battaglia (one of my favorite style icons) wearing these with a short white dress, and I can imagine myself wearing them too! Haha

The second pair:

I love it because its so colorful - love the color combination. Color blocking is so on trend right now, but Ill admit I wasn't completely sold on this shoe until I saw the front part : the t-strap that starts halfway through the foot plus the double bars with color blocking. Loves.

Also saw a polka dotted peep toe pair that were too cute to NOT post:

So what do you suggest I get?? I'd love to hear your opinion :)


  1. Those first shoes reminded me of Gio's shoes before you even mentioned them!


    I pick those ones, definitely!


  2. Same here! They also reminded me of Giovanna's shoes! ;D You should get the first pair, they are lovelier. Though the color blocking pair is also great...
    Anyway, I got those wedges from heelandsole.multiply.com :)

    Mars of fashion insouciance

  3. Hello, would appreciate a reply concerning the second pair (the colorful one), I want to get my girlfriend that exact pair and I do not know where to order them from. /kind regards Radu

    Email: radu_burileanu@yahoo.com


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