Just wanted to share these lovely Chrsitian Siriano for Payless Shoes.

I got it a month ago in my country's capital. (We dont have Payless yet in my little city, but we will soon, yipeee!!!)

I'll have to say though that the reason why I was so excited that Payless was coming to the country was because I found out Christian Siriano was designing for them. About a year ago I read some blog who talked about it and featured pictures of his shoes. Several researches for pictures of his shoes made we want pairs designed by him. i really like his designs!

Payless also has a collaboration with Lela and Rose and Alice + Olivia, but in my opinion I liked Siriano's shoes the best.


  1. omg these photos are tres chic! I heart them!

  2. I love the heel on these shoes, great buy missy! xxx

  3. Gorgeous! I have those shoes, too, but in black. Payless is really a good brand because despite of the relatively cheap prices, the quality isn't compromised.
    And to answer your questions, you can get those beige wedges in I am so sorry if I answered only now, I've been so busy. :(

    Mars of fashion insouciance

  4. Amazing shoes, gorgeous!!! xoxo

  5. I wish we had Payless here in Germany! I also love the Christian Siriano shoes, but I do wish they would produce the ones he used for the runway show too!


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