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Sunday Shoe Steals : 9 Cute Affordable Pairs

Happy Sunday Shoelovers. Hope you all had a great weekend. Here's something to make your weekend even more fabulous : Shoes! Not just any, but cute and affordable ones! Here are 9 pairs for today's Sunday Shoe Steals. Take your pick after the jump!

Manolo Blahnik Rose Heels

There's something about roses on heels. I featured a pair from Dolce and Gabbana several times in 2015 and it still remains to be one of the prettiest ones I've ever seen. These ones from Manolo Blahnik are really gorgeous too - the  delicate straps that tie around the ankle and leg have roses in them, as do the thin peep toe strap. I just  love the whole dainty and delicate vibe of the whole shoe!

Sophia Webster Flamingo Frill Leather Sandals

Who doesn't love a flamingo? The are gorgeous animals and they look so cute on shoes! Sophia Webster has already made several styles that have flamingos on them and these are her latest ones. How amazing are they? The rest of the body of the flamingo is in frills and the shoes feature some tie-ups and gorgeous black satin straps in the peep toe area. It comes in both a white and pink version. What do you guys think?

Dolce and Gabbana Crystal Embellished Brocade Sandals

Yet another low block heel style that I fancy. I mentioned a few blog posts ago how I'm quite taken by this style - especially if done right and in a really pretty way like these Dolce and Gabbana ones. This pair is made from beautiful white brocade and has daisy shaped embellishments. So pretty and dainty! What do you guys think?

Magical Mondays : Aquazzura Embellished Lace-Up Flats

Happy Monday Shoe Lovers! Here is a pair to make it more magical : These Aquazzura white satin embellished lace-up flats. Aquazzura took their wildly popular lace-up flat up a notch and transformed it into this gem of a creation. Don't you guys think it looks like such a "princess" shoe? It's dressy enough to wear to a special event or even as a wedding shoe! And they are flats so they are going to be really comfortable. Click through to see more photos of this gorgeous pair.

Sale Season Part 2 : The Designer Shoes You Coveted All Year at Amazing Prices

If you haven't checked out Part 1 of sale season shoes, then I have some even more designer shoe goodies to show you. These shoes are all reduced to lower prices and are so hard to resist because they are just too pretty and they might have been way too expensive to buy at original price. SO many amazing designer shoes on sale! There are a lot of gems - Aquazzura stilettos, Miu Miu feathered shoes, gorgeous Alaia booties : and they are all on sale, sale, sale! Click though to see more and let me know which ones are your favorites!

Jimmy Choo 'Marni' Elaphe and Rafia Pumps

It' s been awhile since I've seen a round toe pair of heels that I quite like. This pair from Jimmy Choo is gorgeous and perfectly proportioned. I love that it's in a two tone shade of blue mixing two different textures, elaphe and rafia. I also like how there's a curve on the back and side part of the shoe, makes the over all design that much more interesting! What do you guys think of this pair?

3 Outfit Ideas for These Valentina Carrano Black Flats

Remember these Valentina Carrano Flats I featured awhile back? I am really into her shoes lately as they  are all so pretty and chic! I keep thinking of so many outfits that I could wear with this pair. The pair is not just an ordinary  black flat, it has these pretty delicate gold details - around in the piping and in the thin ankle straps. It's such a chic shoe - it would look great with cuffed jeans, a dress or even a denim skirt. Read through after the jump for some outfit ideas!

Nº 21 Black High Heeled Mules

I'm really not a huge fan of mules. There's just something about the style that really looks off to me. It wasn't until I featured these ones last week that I was starting to rethink my stance. Overall, the mule style is still not my favorite, but done in a certain way, then I can reconsider. This pair by Nº 21 have all this fabric scrunched and folded about and I think it just looks so great and couture-like. It also has a really high heel - which is a great factor to my liking the mules. If these were in kitten heels - blegh! But really, I am just loving the over all design of this shoe. What do you guys think? To mule or not to mule?

Sale Season : Designer Shoes You've Been Coveting at Half Off Or More

It's sale season once again!!! Now those ridiculously expensive shoes you've been coveting all year have finally been reduced to a price that you can afford, some at even  half off and in some cases more than half off. A lot of them are still pretty expensive even after the reduction but still, you probably wouldn't have purchased them full price at all. Their new price now seem somewhat attainable. Don;t you think? Here are my picks at some droolworthy designer shoes that are on sale :

Alaia Embellished Snake Sandals

This style from Alaia is actually quite a popular style and we've seen it in black and also nude. This version is in a gray snakeskin. I just think that there is something so, so chic about gray - especially in shoes and in a texture like snakeskin! What do you guys think of this pair?

Sunday Shoes Steals : 8 Cute Pairs That Won't Break the Bank

Happy Sunday Shoe Lovers! Here are 8 cute pairs that won't break the bank for today's Sunday Shoes Steals section. We've got the cutest pair of low white heels from Asos (since I seem to be into low heels lately), a great black peep toe heel from Jessica Simpson and some perfectly shaped ankle boots from Qupid. So may pretty and affordable choices out there, click through to see more beauties!

Sexy Stiletto Saturdays : Aquazzura Nude and Silver Stilettos

Neutral and Silver work really well together! It's usually gold paired with neutrals that look great, but I find this combination to be rather gorgeous. Don't you think? This pair is another one of Aquazzura's signature sexy stiletto style. This would look great on anyone's feet as it will elongate the legs. What do you guys think of today's Sexy Stiletto Saturday shoe?

Lucy Choi Bow Heeled Pumps

You guys know how much I loooove my bows, so these Lucy Choi bow shoes were a no-brainer when it came to posting here. It has a rather tweed-like upper with a subtle glitter in them. I think it has a really great shape and structure and the bow is just the cutest. What do you guys think?

Collections : Aquazzura x Poppy Delevigne

Aquazzura has been collaborating with "It" girls on shoe collections. He did one with Olivia Palermo which we saw produced a lot of gorgeous heels. Now, it's with London's, 'Girl about town' and older sister to Cara Delevigne, Poppy. Aquazzura's signature sexy style paired with these "It" girl styles usually produce a lot of great pairs. Edgardo Osorio, designer of the brand mentioned that sometimes it's great to have a fresh take on designs. Poppy's signature bohemian style and love for astronomy are seen in this collection. Moon and star elements are found as are midnight blue and golden colors. The shoes really depict both her boho style mixed in with the elements of astronomy. That with Aquazzura's signature gorgeous aesthetics all make for a really cute, unique and fabulous collection! Read all about their interview HERE and click through to see all the styles!

Oscar Tiye Black and Silver Heels

Oscar Tiye has been coming out with so any hits lately. His shoes have a really great shape and structure - always the top two things I look for in any shoe designer! I'll be doing a Designer Shoelight on this one soon hopefully! For now, we'll talk about this pair. This pair features two-tone colors - black and silver. I think both work really well together in a shoe. The back part of the shoe looks like a corset,  which I really love. You have these silver strings as the ankle strap. All in all, a chic and sleek looking shoe! What do you think?

Weird Shoe Wednesday : L'alave Face Shoes

Happy First Weird Shoe Wednesday of the Year, shoe coveteurs! These are the "Chloe" heels by L'alave. I'm actually calling them the "face" shoes because of how they look. Do you guys see it? It actually doesn't say anywhere in the description that it's meant to be a face shoe, I just personally see it as that. The red caps on the toes look like lips plus the two black semicircle lines look like eyelids! I feel like it's a very flirty, girl looking face. A girl who's lowering her lashes and puckering her lips! It's pretty comical, but I think it actually looks cute! What do you guys think of this pair? Would you wear this or not?

Tuesday Trend : Low Block Heels

I've always thought I was the kind of shoe lover who hated low heels and anything in between. I've always either loved a very high heel or a very flat ballet flat. Absolutely  nothing in between. I hated heel heights that were from two to 3 inches and I shudder at kitten heels. I just find that these heel heights and shapes do nothing for the over all prettiness and perfection of a shoe's structure and arch. Lately though, I have found that I am warming up to low block heels.

Giuseppe Zanotti Spiked Mules

How cool are these Giuseppe Zanotti Spiked Mules? I am generally not a big fan of mule type shoes but if they have a really cool esign like thin and a super high and skinny heel then why not right? Those two factors make mule style shoes look bearable. What do you guys think of this shoe? Do you guys like mule shoes? Let me know in the comments below!

11 Pairs of Heels That I would Love to See This Red Carpet Season

Did anybody watch the Golden Globes? Or most importantly, did anyone keep track of  all the fashion that went down? Red Carpet Season is upon us and I of course cannot wait to see all the shoes that all the stars wore. I'll be making a separate post on that soon. For this post I wanted to write about the shoes I wish to see on the red carpet. Ok,  I know most of the shoes probably won't be seen because, well everyone's wearing long gowns but there's a chance that we can get a peek or two. Or if the design of the dress is a high low one, we can definitely see the shoes more prominently. When we do get a chance to peek at the shoes I noticed that the most popular styles that show up in the carpet are the usual metallic, glittery ones and also brands like Jimmy Choo, Giuseppe Zanotti and Louboutin are omnipresent. Not that there's anything wrong with that but it would be great to see other designer's creations as well. Check out my picks below!

Magical Mondays : The Eden Pumps by Ralph & Russo

The internet, it seems or rather the Instagram World has lately been blowing up over these Ralph & Russo shoes. I keep seeing it on random feeds and more than one of my friends have tagged me and/ messaged me about these shoes. Even to my non-shoelover friends, they sense that there is something really special about this design! They really ARE the dreamiest shoes I have ever seen!! They are the Eden Pumps and they come in different colors, all more gorgeous that the last. It features these metallic embellishments that snake around the heel and in some all over the pump's satin textured uppers. The embellishments are leaves and branches twining around, a nod to the garden of Eden I suppose. Sigh. I really could not decide which colors I liked best, they are all so damn gorgeous. Check out all the other colors below!

Sunday Shoe Steals : 8 Cute Affordable Pairs

The first Sunday Shoe Steals post of the year! I found a lot of pretty and really affordable shoes out there for all you shoe coveteurs, maybe any one of these might be your #shoegoals for the year. As usual, Asos put out a lot of pretties, and it's only even the first month of the year! One of my fave finds are these embellished and printed slingbacks. River Island also has some good stuff, a lot of them limited editions that you can find only in their site - like those gorgeous shoe boots above. Check out the rest o my Sunday Shoe Steal finds after the jump!

Valentino Garavani Striped Rhinestone Sandal

Valentino had been putting out some pretty shoes out there lately and I am quite taken by this latest pair. The triangular design of the peeptoe part with some rhinestone stripes really amps up the overall look of the shoe The shape and stiletto heel all contribute to the sexiness of the shoe. What do you guys think of this pair?

Unusual Shoes : Chiara Ferragni "Holly" Pumps

Chiara Ferragni certainly makes quirky and unusual shoes. Though they may venture out on to a little bit of the weird side, I find her shoes to be quite wearable. I am really liking the arch and the shape of this pair. I love the slingback and the high heel height and the quirky touches like the eye and the teeth. These certainly amp up the uniqueness of the shoe. It's also in a pretty nice pink color - this would be a perfect addition to any outfit that needs a bright pop off color! What do you guys think of this pair?

Collections : Paul Andrew Pre-Spring 2016

So, so many designs for Paul Andrew's Pre-Spring 2016 Collection! We see a lot of  gorgeous bright colors and chinoiserie elements. A lot of his classic styles are re-done with all those elements I just mentioned and also some pairs have touches of fringe, whimsical embellishments and laser cut-outs. There are so man different styles and heel heights. There are stilettos, wedges, bock heels, low block heels and even kitten heels. He even redid his famous Chrysler building style into different colored pumps. So many beautiful choices! Check out the rest after the jump!

Tabitha Simmons Black and Gold Heels

I can't get enough of this style from Tabitha Simmons. In fact, I actually already featured the purple version of these which I found so lovely that I had to feature the black and gold version separately. I really love the thin straps found near the ankle part that kind of looks like a mini spider web. Of course the combination of black and gold is also really gorgeous. What do you guys think of this pair?

Giuseppe Zanotti Gold Flat Sandals

How sleek and chic are these metallic flat slip-ons from Giuseppe Zanotti? They're so simple and basic but contain so much glam factor. I can already imagine this pair being worn in San Tropez or some fancy vacation spot like that. Or even just at a poolside anywhere, I think it can instantly make any outfit look like a million bucks. What do you guys think of this pair?

Jeffrey Campbell Tuxedo Bow Heels

I have been obsessing over origami bows lately, especially after seeing my sister's wedding shoes. I've been attracted to anything and everything origami folded. This pair of Tuxedo Bow Heels from Jeffrey Campbell are pretty amazing and unique. The tuxedo bows are huge, making a really big impact on the shoe. I'm pretty sure this pair will get a lot of stares whilst  being worn out and about. What do you guys think of this pair?

Valentina Carrano Black flats

I've mentioned a few times already that I have really been loving the low heel. Ofcourse, I am still madly in love with the stiletto heels but sometimes it doesn't really pay to run around town and do your groceries in vertiginous skyscrapers. The pain is s not worth it :o A lot of designers out there are putting out so many gorgeous low heeled options. This pair from Valentina Carrano are one of those. I absolutely love the delicate gold piping and ankle tie strap and the v shaped vamp. What do you guys think of this pair?

Christian Louboutin 'Pinder City' Spiked Red Sole Pump

Christian Louboutin 'Pinder City' Spiked Red Sole Pump How's this for the first shoe feature of the year I eel like this pair retains the "festive" vibe of the holiday season. It's such a party shoe with it's metallic fabric uppers, gold leather trimmings and spikes. The pair features triangular cut-outs all over the shoe which I fin really cool and unique. What do you guys think of this pair?

Best Shoe Brands of 2015 : Dolce and Gabbana and Rochas

Happy New Year Everyone! Though it's the first day of the year, I couldn't help but look back a little at the two shoe brands that really caught my attention in 2015 : Rochas and Dolce and Gabbana. Though these two aren't strictly an all shoe brand, I felt that they both really came out with such stellar pairs. Beautiful, gorgeous, can't-stop-thinking about pairs. I felt like they came out with so many winners and I really couldn't decide which of the two I liked more so I decided to crown them both the best shoe brands of the year.