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Some Pretty Flats...Sam Edelman

These Sam Edelman flats are so pretty! I haven't featured flats here in a really long time because I haven't found any that I really super liked. These ones are current with all the studs and embellishments but still dainty and pretty and girly enough. 

Find these flats HERE.
Wishing everyone a shoe filled day!
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Delicate Sandals

I've always written about what I call the "delicate" sandals in the past year. These last few years, we saw a loooot of chunky shoes and platforms emerging as the "it" and "staple" shoe of any shoenista (a shoe fashionista, har, har) and while I have nothing against all the platform rage, I do still want to revert to the nice dainty, strappy stiletto sandals once in a while. I call these the "delicate" sandals ( I know some bloggers have other names, like minimal sandals but I prefer to call them delicate).
Here are a few gorgeous pairs that I would love to own, but due to budget constraints, they will have to remain in my virtual closet (a.k.a this blog).

These Giuseppe Zanottis are beyond awesome. Ankle straps that are tripled? Why not? Shiny black material and super high stiletto? Love! And guess what? They are on sale. Buy them HERE

These Topshop beauties are so perfect in every way : nude and orange combination. Studded detail in the h…

Cute Wellies from Brantano

So the weather has been pretty miserable lately in my part of the world...rather cold and rainy.  know, I know, i'm pretty sure a lot of you have it worse out there, with all these blizzards and below zero temperatures. 
This should not be an excuse to get us all down! Though its tough to wear pretty stilettos and peep toes with this ind of weather, how about some cute and colourful wellington boots instead? These ones I found from are pretty awesome. I hope you like my choices, and I hope these will brighten up your gloomy rainy day! (if you happen to have one now!)

I absolutely luuurve polkda dots! It's so cute against a black background with purple piping!

Other than polka dots, another print that I love just as much is the nautical print. 

This is the longer version of the first polka dot wellies I showed. They are just as cute and instead have pink piping all over them.

Of course, despite the fun of the cute and colorful pairs I featured above, I think it …

Obsession with Bows...Bottega Venetta

I think I died a little when I saw these shoes. These are the most perfect Nude+Bow shoes ever!

The shape of the bows are perfect, it has a good height and arch and it has the perfect nude color! (ok dont ask me to explain what exactly IS the perfect nude color, because I really don't know how but I know I really love these!)

These are Bottega Venetta and you can find them HERE.

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Charlotte Olympia Leopard Shoes

How cute are these shoes? They kind of remind me of lingerie or something. I think its the little lace detail on the edges of the uppers of the shoe. Loving the combination of these with the leopard and the tiny little red bow!

Charlotte Olympia shoes are <3 p="">
Find them HERE.

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Obsession with Bows...Colin Stuart for Victoria's Secret

I always associated Victoria's Secret with lingerie and lotions and perfume  but apparently they have shoes as well! These shoes are another testament to my obsession with bows..and to ankle straps and ankle ties..and nudes...oh and shoes of course. Haha.

I love how it looks on the feet and how it's paired with mesh. Makes the shoe look so not the usual.

Find this pair HERE.

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A Petty Pair to Brighten Up Your Day...Rene Caovilla

Happy Monday Everyone! I hope the Monday blues aren't getting you all down. Here is a beautiful pair of shoes to cheer you up and help brighten up the beginning of a work week! 

The beautiful blue color of these Rene Caovilla stunners really just complements all those colored stones. With this shoe, "Monday blues" now totally has a whole new and better meeting!

I just can't stop staring at these beauties! Hope everyone has a shoe filled week!
Find these shoes HERE

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Yellow Alexander McQueens

I love these Alexander McQueens. The sleek lines and structure of the shoe plus the bright pop of yellow make these look so gorgeous. Plus I think we all need a pair of banana colored shoes in our lives too right?

Find these HERE.

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Miu Miu Bejewelled T-strap Sandal

I love a pretty Bejeweled shoe. I am also deeply in love with Miu Miu Shoes. This pair is definitely not an exception of my love. I really love the pale pink color, the satin texture and of course the jewels. Plus another favorite element of a shoe? The t-strap! Perfection. You want to know another perfect thing? These babies are on sale! Half off from the original price at Bergdorf Goodman.

There is also  a black version of the shoe but in my own opinion, the pink ones are prettier.
Find them HERE.

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A Pretty Pair to Brighten Up Your Day...Christian Louboutin

Hi all. Here is the first A Pretty Pair to Brighten Up Your Day for the year 2013.

I've decided to start off this section with a pair of Louboutins. Though these are pretty simple compared to other ones I've featured, they are by no means not as pretty! I really love the slingback style and the subtle all over glitter!

They are definitely a modern day princess' shoe. It can also be worn as a wedding shoe! As for myself, I'm neither a princess nor a bride-to-be, but I would totally still wear these shoes out on a normal basis! They would look great with a pair of jeans or a swing-y skirt. Now if only I could afford them!
Find these pretties HERE

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