Delicate Sandals

I've always written about what I call the "delicate" sandals in the past year. These last few years, we saw a loooot of chunky shoes and platforms emerging as the "it" and "staple" shoe of any shoenista (a shoe fashionista, har, har) and while I have nothing against all the platform rage, I do still want to revert to the nice dainty, strappy stiletto sandals once in a while. I call these the "delicate" sandals ( I know some bloggers have other names, like minimal sandals but I prefer to call them delicate).

Here are a few gorgeous pairs that I would love to own, but due to budget constraints, they will have to remain in my virtual closet (a.k.a this blog).

These Giuseppe Zanottis are beyond awesome. Ankle straps that are tripled? Why not? Shiny black material and super high stiletto? Love! And guess what? They are on sale. Buy them HERE

These Topshop beauties are so perfect in every way : nude and orange combination. Studded detail in the heel. Oh and the fact that they don't have a platform! Find them HERE.

I absolutely love the crisscross detail in these Giuseppe Zanottis. (yes, another Zanotti in the same blog post). Love the little holes and the nude color! These will look really great on any pair of legs! Find them HERE

So what do you guys think of the delicate sandals? Are you a fierce platform lover, or are you looking to take a break from al the chunk and stocking up on these kinds of sandals?

Hope you all have a shoe filled day!

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  1. This shoes are simply yummy and I want them all. Thanks for sharing. I appreciate you visiting my blog and for the sweet thoughts.


  2. Same here. Not a big fan of chunky heels either. The smaller the straps, the better - seems more feminine :)

    Btw, hope you can check out my blog, I’ve updated it with gift guide for Valentine’s Day. I’d like to know what you think!

    Abby of

  3. gorgeous selections!! all those heels are amazing beautiful

  4. I totally fell in love with the name of your blog!!! brilliant! and this post is stunning, am drooling over these beauties. You want to follow each other on bloglovin? x

  5. The first one are amazing! Thank you for your comment on my blog, I follow you noe, if you want follow me back :)

  6. Those Giuseppe are dead gorgeous! I would love to wear them underneath a pretty boyfriend jeans or somethings like that. But I'm pretty sure they look good with everything! <3


  7. Love these shoes! The first pair is my favorite

    x Cammie

  8. Amazing sandals. Great day.

  9. The Giuseppe Zanottis sandals are amazing!

    I would love them in my closet too!

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  10. I love the first shoes so much ^^ okay hahaha delicate sandals - I mean

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  11. Love the idea behind your blog- thanks for your comment on mine :)
    Style With Friends

  12. Love the first pair !
    Beautiful !

  13. okay - i was about to comment saying i love the black Zannotti's and then I saw the nude ones - omg - LOVE!!

    check out my fashion illustration giveaway :-)

  14. these are so welcome in my closet Xo Megan,

  15. The nudes shoes are so stunning!
    Also, thanks so much for your sweet comment!

    Have the loveliest day,

  16. I would have to agree that Zanotti makes some gorgeous shoes. I've not tried them and don't know if they're comfortable to walk-in all day =)

  17. Those are all amazing!!

  18. Amazing Picks ! Love them all!

  19. Gorgeous shoes, love the Zanotti sandals!

  20. i love the first model more

  21. I am on the same page with on this one. I have nothing against chunky shoes either, I have a couple, but I love and prefer my "delicate" sandals. Any of these pairs will make a great addition to any shoe closet.


  22. While chunky heels can provide better support and therefore, comfort, these "dainty" strappy heels still look way sexier to me! The only problem is my expiration is usually hours earlier if I have to wear this out. Haha!

    twitter and instagram: @BelatedBloomer

  23. Gorgeous! Love the nude and orange with the studded detail. As in LOVE them!


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