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A Pretty Pair to Brighten Up Your Day

I haven't had "A Pretty Pair to Brighten up your Day post in awhile.

As its Monday today, I will be resuming the section with these Lovely Miu Mius:

I really love any shoes with embellishments. Miu Miu did a loooot of these embellished shoes this season and this one is definitely one of my faves.

Love the arch and proportion of the shoe! Also love those jewels cascading down the heels!

I hope this heel brightened up your Monday the way it brightened up mine!
I found these HERE.


Shoe of Day

Another shoe of the day/outfit of the day post.

These heels are by Bershka.

Wore it with a white Bysi skirt (a singaporean brand) and green button down top from the ramp (a department store in the Philippines) 

also wore it with some cheapo bracelets and a cat and mouse ring.

My necklace was made by one of my aunts.

Wore this out to Sunday Church. It's been sooooo hot lately and despite this outfit looking rather cool and summery due to the colors,  I was actually melting the whole time at Church. Add the fact that I forgot my trusty fan,it was definitely one of those days when all you want to do is go home and stuff your face in a bowl of ice.
This shoe is Save number 36 on my shoeper shoe challenge. in case you still don't know what that is, click HERE to check it out and join if you like. If you want to keep up with my shoe saving progress, click HERE for my profile.


All photos in this post are personal photos of  lifeisashoe.blogspo…

Charlotte Olympia Pumps

These were on the new arrivals section in the Charlotte Olympia website. I couldn't wait to feature them here in my blog because they are just so pretty!

Clearly, they are not just your ordinary black pump. I really love the scalloped detail in its upper, the slight gold piping and the gold heel! 

And of course who doesn't love Charlotte Olympia's signature web? If Louboutin has the red sole, then she has Charlotte's web!

I really think that Charlotte Olympia's shoes are fantastic. Not just in terms of design and style but in terms of proportion and shoe arcs. (I've mentioned in this post that Louboutin has those same gift in designing shoes, he just really gets the perfect arch and proportions) It's really an important factor in shoes because a shoe can have a really stylish design but if the dimension and proportions are not right then its an ugly shoe. Not worth buying. I really think Charlotte Olympia shoes are those shoes that are worth investing in be…

Carven Printed Sandals

There have been some nice Carven shoes out there lately, I haven't really paid attention to this brand till I saw these shoes in another post.

Anyway, the Carven ones for today are these printed kinda tribal-esque:

I absolutely love the color combinations. I love that the ankle strap is a blush-nude-ish color, it's gonna make the legs look longer and prettier.

I really love the pink and black tribal print. I would say that this is the perfect summer shoe but it doesn't really apply to me since the weather here in my country is practically like summer all year long. To those  who are still stuck in dreary winter weather, hope this shoe brightens up your day and makes you look forward to spring/summer weather!

All in all a great shoe!
Find them here.


Casadei Classics

I think its fair enough to dub this shoe as a classic:

Black and white, check. Peeptoe, check. D'orsay style, check. Bow, check! Stiletto, check, check!!! All the elements of a classic shoe I would say! And all the factors I love in a shoe too! They're so pretty!

These are by Casadei.
I found them HERE.


Shoe Of the Day

Wore these shoes out last Sunday.
I really love these shoes, I call them my Gucci-esque shoes. but of course they are not Gucci! They are by a label called Qupid and I got them from one of my favorite multiply shops, Feet for a Queen.

Love the teal color and the gold line at the bottom! Also loooove the ankle straps.

This shoe is already save #32 of my shoeper shoe challenge. Read all about the challenge here and see my shoeper profile also if you guys wanna keep up on the shoe saving. I'm pretty pleased with my progress!
I'm starting to have withdrawal shoe-toms again. If you're wondering what that is, click here for one of my posts about some withdrawal shoetoms I was having awhile back. Basically it means that I'm craving for some new shoes. waaaah so many out there that i want!

All photos in this post are personal photos of If you want to use or repost these in anyway, please ask permission first!…

Shoed or Shoed not? Second edition

As mentioned in the first edition here, the "Shoed or Shoed not" section features the shoes that I think, at first glance could potentially be pretty - but after several seconds staring at it, I start to see all these things wrong with them. See the first post I did here.
So for the second edition, we have here Paris Hilton red sandals with bows.

So from the front ppart of the shoe, it looks really pretty and it has all the eements that I really like in a shoe: bow, crisscrossing straps, the pretty red color.

But. when you start looking at it from all sides, you start seeing all the problems.

First of all, the heel. I don't like the height. I also don't like the color or the fact that it's half gold and half red.  The second thing I dont like about this shoe is the arch. It's not very nice :o If only it was higher and more curved inward...

The third thing that I dont like about this shoe is the pointed front part. I dont know if I have mentioned in this blog…

Sergio Rossi Captoe Colorblock Pumps

A belated Happy Easter Everyone!

To commemorate, the holiday, I would like to show you guys these Sergio Rossi pumps. They kind of remind me of easter eggs because of their colors.

I'm pretty glad that cap toe pumps are still going to be "in" this year, I have a few pairs that I need to get more use out of. Well, even if they were not "in" anymore, I would still wear them! I believe that you should wear shoes because they are pretty and because you like them and not because they're a trend!
Find these Sergio Rossi pumps here.


An Ode to The Pigalle

If you're a shoe lover like me, you would know that The "Pigalle" that i'm referring to in my title is not the neighborhood or metro stop in Paris, but the name given by Christian Louboutin to one of his pointy pumps.

To me, the Christian Loboutin Pigalles are the most perfect pointy pumps ever. It seems Mr. Louboutin just nailed it in this shoe (as in a lot of his shoes actually) with regards to  perfect proportions and arch! They are only 4 inches high, but that makes it look even more classic. I would wear this shoe even twenty years from now! (well I would wear this shoe right this second if only I could actually afford it!)
Playing imaginary shoe wardrobe: I would definitely get both the black and the nude! They are both classic colors and will go great with anything. I think the nude ones are absolute perfection! If I only have enough money for one pair, I would definitely get the nudes over the black ones.

They also have other colors like blue and dark pink o…