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Designer Shoelight...Aperlai

I have mentioned a few times in some of my posts throughout the blog that I might come up with a section where I will feature some shoe brands/designers that aren't as famous or as well known as the Louboutins, the Choos and the Blahniks. Basically shoe brands who are totally unknown or aren't mentioned and worshipped as much as the said brands.

I've decided to call this section the "Designer Shoelight" and will do it once a month. I know, I know its so corny and maybe silly, but this IS a shoe blog so most of everyhting here is really all about shoes, shoes and more shoes. (for some of you who didnt get it, it's spotlight with "shoe" instead of "spot" teehee) So I come up with corny names like these and withdrawal shoe-toms.

ANYWAY, to get to the point, this month's shoelight will be Aperlai.

A Pretty Pair to Brighten Up Your Day...Manolo Blahnik Swan Embellished Pumps

I love these pumps! So pretty and with intricate details...

The white version of this pump has been featured in other blogs but I personally love this color more because the white one looks too much like a wedding shoe. This one has just the right amount of sparkle and this color will surely add a great pop of not just color but glamour to any outfit.

Hope you all had a great start to your week!

I found these here.

Photo is from the Bergdorf Goodman website.

Jimmy Choo "beak" Shoes

I have no idea why they call these Choos beak shoes. Does it look anything  like a bird's beak to any of you?

beak or no beak, this shoe is pretty awesome! Love the pink with the metallic!

I found these here.
All photos are from the Jimmy Choo website.

LK Bennet SS 2012

Love these shoes from LK Bennet Spring/Summer Colletion.

I really love bows with shoes (or shoes with bows)and I love how these look with gold details.

The red versions are pretty too but I think I like the black ones more. What do you guys think? Pretty shoes, no?
Find them here.
All pictures are from the LK Bennet Website.

A Pretty Pair to Brighten Up Your Day,

It's Monday again! Actually its already Tuesday here in my country, but it's early morning so i figured most of the world is still on Monday. Haha. Anyways, I'm sorry for delivering this post late, but here is your weekly dosage of  "A Pretty Pair to Brighten Up Your Day". And for two weeks in a row this one is actually, gasp another pair of flats!

 This one is by Vince Camuto. Again it's another nude-ish pair and again it is sort of bejewelled, much like the Zanottis I featured last week. Don't worry, next week's pair will be different, I promise! But I swear I cant get enough of these dainty flats. They make feet looks so...well dainty and pretty!!! I have pretty big feet (well considering I live in an Asian country) so any shoe that makes my feet look delicate and smaller, I'm all up for it!

Find this pair here.

all pictures are from

Shoe of the Day

Another shoe of the day post...

These are the shoes I wore out today. These are from my favorite local online shoe shoe, Feet for a Queen. For those living in the states, you can actually find these  at Charlotte Russe. (they  also have a sort of burgundy/berry version of these but i'm trying reaaaallly hard not to look coz I'll be tempted to spend again!)

I love these shoes! they remind me of Gucci. I love them because its reaally high and it has all these gold pipings around. PLUS it has an ankle strap! I love ankle straps. To top it all of the color is really gorgeous. Its a teal/deep dark green color.

Here is a closeup of the accessories I wore, Like I said I might be featuring accessories once in awhile coz I absolutely love them!

The necklace above is from one of the local designers in my city. It's called SEPA and I really love their necklaces and earrings! I have a few of their pieces and the one above is my absolute favorite. Really adds instant chic to any outfit!


Boutique 9 Sandals

I've mentioned that I love shoes with two tones, shoes with ankle straps and "delicate" shoes (by delicate i mean shoes that are NOT chunky and don't have platforms.)

These sandals by Boutique 9 have all characteristics mentioned above.

It's so pretty and delicate and I love it! There is a black version of these, but for me the beauty of this shoe are the colors that are all put together. The black version looks like any old strappy sandals. But these are special.
Find them here.
picture is from

Brian Atwood Resort 2012

Some fabulous heels from Brian Atwood's Resort 2012 collection:

Lovely lace with the the black piped detail.

Gorgeous details ad materials..the design is so intricate and delicate up close! I bet these shoes leave all sorts of marks on your feet after you wear them! But who cares, they will be pretty marks!

Such a pretty color combination! The baby blue with the burnt orange. I love that the heel is thin ad gold.

It's the mesh trend again! this time paired with gorgeous pink cages and a pretty thin gold heel.
Which ones are your favorites???
Find them here.

Giuseppe Zanotti Fishbone Heels

These are so gorgeous! I know some people are averse to eating fish, but what about wearing a fishbone on your feet??? A Zanotti no less!

Here is a closeup of the fishbone. They're sooo pretty!

Just wondering, were these the same heels that Samantha Jones wore in Sex and the City part 1? Remember that scene when she covered herself in sushi for Smith's Valentines present? I distinctly remember her shoes being of the fishbone variety also but I can't seem to find the photos.
Oh well, moving on..I found these gorgeous sandals here.
all photos are from
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Vionnet Mesh Booties

How pretty are these Vionnet mesh booties?

Such pretty green detail! Plus i think the mesh/see through/plexiglass is in for spring/summer 2012...the mesh effect is actually so much better than the plastic/plexiglass in my opinion! it won't really show your sweaty feet the way plastic does!
Find these here.
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A Pretty Pair to Brighten Up Your Day...Giuseppe Zanotti Flats

It's Monday once again! Another pretty pair to brighten up your day..

In continuation of my post about is a pretty pair of FLATS to brighten up your Monday:

Such beautiful embelishments. The python-print and powder pink color look perfect with the jewels! I found them here.
All photos are from
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Flats Galore, part 1

Lately I've been buying a lot of flats...

It's not that I'm sick of heels but I realize just how practical they are for running around town in for errands or if you just felt plain 'ol tired of heels for the day. Plus they come in so many pretty varieties! So if you're tired of heels for awhile, then don't be afraid to dress down in flats.. they're so pretty! Here a re a few the ones I bought lately..

I would like to focus on these few flats, they come from a brand that I particularly love and support, Suelas. (Actually all but one flat above are Suelas!)

Suelas was started by one of my friends. Their concept was for flats to be flattened, folded and rolled! basically flats that are comfy and easy to carry around in just incase you get tired with our heels and are ready for a switch-up.

 These are one of their later models in which they tied up with blogger Laureen Uy of Break My Style. I find these flats so cute and so now with it's color blocking and s…

Some Lovely Bershka Shoes...On Sale!!!

There's nothing I love more than good quality, stylish  and affordable shoes. Bershka, a high street Spanish brand delivers all those qualities in their shoes. While browsing their site, I was delighted to find out that a lot of their pretty shoes were on sale! Here are a few of my favorites!

Some silver/metallic peetoe pump. Love the chunky heel and the texture of the shoe.

I love these peeptoes slash maryjanes! I mostly love it for the details in the back part and the little gold piping you can see towards the front part of the shoe.

These pumps I absolutely LOVE because of that little gold detail in front. You think that it is just an ordinary black pump but then when you turn, it is a really, really chic pump!

The color combination and textures of this pump is awesome. The price is awesome too, 16 euros! whoa! get it NOW!
All pictures are from
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A Pretty Pair to Brighten Up Your Day...Serious Shoe Love, Vionnet

OMG. I'm in love. Like seriously in love...
With these!!! <3

Gosh, aren't they soooo pretty??? These are Vionnet. It has all elements that I love: it's a delicate shoe, it has interesting details, the color is unique and gorgeous plus i love the shape of the toe, not to pointy but not too round either. Just dainty and perfect! I also love that the other side of the shoe is not totally covered, it has these curves and pretty straps! siiiighhh...
Here is a back view:

Here is the nude version. They are just as preeetttyy:

I actually already featured this shoe in my Jingle Shoes post. I included the blue version in the list. However, the pictures of the shoes in that post were too small and they did NOT do justice to the beauty of this pair. Which is why I decided to feature them in its own individual post so we can see it in all its glory up close.
Here is the blue version that I placed in my Jingle Shoes post:

I really, really, reaaaallly want them!!! I love all three colors!
I f…