Flats Galore, part 1

Lately I've been buying a lot of flats...

It's not that I'm sick of heels but I realize just how practical they are for running around town in for errands or if you just felt plain 'ol tired of heels for the day. Plus they come in so many pretty varieties! So if you're tired of heels for awhile, then don't be afraid to dress down in flats.. they're so pretty! Here a re a few the ones I bought lately..

I would like to focus on these few flats, they come from a brand that I particularly love and support, Suelas. (Actually all but one flat above are Suelas!)

Suelas was started by one of my friends. Their concept was for flats to be flattened, folded and rolled! basically flats that are comfy and easy to carry around in just incase you get tired with our heels and are ready for a switch-up.

 These are one of their later models in which they tied up with blogger Laureen Uy of Break My Style. I find these flats so cute and so now with it's color blocking and studs. Its also  kind of a loafer shoe but a really chic one at that.

This one I absolutely LOVE this because its so pretty and delicate..I love the chain ankle strap and this color. I've actually been looking this color for  a long time. If I don't want to wear the chain then I can just take it out and wear them as is.

If you like these flats go on and check out their site!! I'm not sure if they can mail to foreign destinations (other than Philippines) but you can try and ask!

Have a lovely weekend everyone!


  1. love the one with chain!
    I just recently read an article about how heels are bad for you so I've been trying to wear flats more often... it hasn't really happened yet though x)

  2. Flats are wonderful. Next to boots, they are totally my everyday run-around shoes.


  3. I am also planning on collecting flats! I got more excited when I saw these... :) I love the one with chains! :)


  4. you have an amazing number of flats! <3 Thanks for visiting my blog!


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