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Diego Dolcini Fan Shoes

Whoa. This is the first and only thing that came to my mind when I saw these Dolcinis at

(all pictures from
So what's not to love about this outrageous shoe? The fans, the swarovski crystals sewed onto the fans, the criscross straps, the black and nude color combination (again a favorite of mine). The only outrageous thing to hate about this shoe is the price which is about two grand. Another whoa.
Oh well, I can dream right?
Find them here.

A Pretty Pair to brighten up your day...Christian Loboutin

Here is a lovely, GORGEOUS pair of Loboutins to birghten up your day:
The Lady Glittered-Peep Toe Pump

So, so beautiful. It has all these colors mixed into them but it doesn't look tacky because of the way they are combined and because, well they ARE Loboutins! Find them here.

Fall 2011 : ZARA

I can't say it enough - but I love,love LOVE shoes from Zara. Everytime my sister plans a trip hope from Madrid, Spain where she lives, I always make it a point to scour the zara website and look for pretty shoes I want so I can tell her to buy it for me. Most recently she got me this pair (which I have already feautred in this blog twice but im gonna feature it again because the picture I took of it did not do justice because they are just tooooo pretty:

ANYWAY, this post is about my picks of the season's shoes, enjoy:

The cap tone booties. Dont you just love the cap toe in snakeskin? Plus the combination of the red and black velvet. This is the PERFECT ankle boot for fall I would think.

I have mentioned numerous times in this blog that I absolutely love two toned shoes. This is no exception, plus this a open toed version.

OMG, how can you not love these butterfly booties??? They are sooo pretty, just look at the back side of the boot! The heel and butterflies and all! Need I s…

Shoe Goal - results

On the last week of July, I wrote a post about setting a shoe goal for myself (read about it here)
Basically, the goal is to pick out four pairs of shoes that i hardly ever wear and come up with outfits specifically for the shoe and just wear all those four pairs for a week. The challenge ended on thursday and before I show the results I would like to summarize my learnings:
1.) Wearing ONLY four pairs of shoes in a whole week is HARD. My sister arrived from Spain and brought me two lovelies (see in this post) and i couldnt wear them all week. Plus I also had to buy a new pair of shoes that same week from Payless. Yikes, unworn shoes everywhere!!! :0
2.) When you put your mind to it, you CAN come up with a LOT of different outfit ideas for shoes you deem 'difficult' to pair with.
3.) I learned that I have to control myself buying shoes. I got quite a few new pairs and will share them in another post soon but i have realized that I think that I will not be buying anymore new pairs …


My sister arrived from Madrid, Spain a few days ago and she got me these goodies:

Nude heels from Bershka. Its not that clear in the photo because of the way I angled it, but this shoe is really high! I love it! I love the combination of the nude with the wooden blocked heel.

Jelly Shoes from Zara. I had mentioned in a previous post that I wanted these and I finally got them! I mentioned that they look like something giovanna battaglia would wear, and I cannot wait to find the perfect LWD to wear them with! They look SO pretty when you wear them.I love the combination of black, nude and silver studs all together.

I loved my shoe filled weekend!

So, for those who read my blog, I have a shoe goal that I set for myself. I'm happy to announce that I have worn ALL of the shoes. BUT the week is not over yet so I still have to come out with outfits to pair with those shoes. Stay tuned for more updates!