Shoe Goal - results

On the last week of July, I wrote a post about setting a shoe goal for myself (read about it here)

Basically, the goal is to pick out four pairs of shoes that i hardly ever wear and come up with outfits specifically for the shoe and just wear all those four pairs for a week. The challenge ended on thursday and before I show the results I would like to summarize my learnings:

1.) Wearing ONLY four pairs of shoes in a whole week is HARD. My sister arrived from Spain and brought me two lovelies (see in this post) and i couldnt wear them all week. Plus I also had to buy a new pair of shoes that same week from Payless. Yikes, unworn shoes everywhere!!! :0

2.) When you put your mind to it, you CAN come up with a LOT of different outfit ideas for shoes you deem 'difficult' to pair with.

3.) I learned that I have to control myself buying shoes. I got quite a few new pairs and will share them in another post soon but i have realized that I think that I will not be buying anymore new pairs for months and instead maybe do more of these challenges.

4.) I was able to wear ALL pairs of shoes the whole week, some of them even twice, but then a week is really too long to only wear only four pairs of shoes. I had to wear other pairs too. What I did was I created more outfits for the shoes even if I didnt actually wear them, you know just to prove to myself that i CAN wear all of those whoe and there ARE outfits out there meant for these shoes.

So here is the documentation of my challenge:

Among all three outfits, I wore two. Leftmost one was to go to the airport to pick up my sister and the last one for dinner out with friends. The Middle picture, I think I have worn a similar outfit already, the one and only time I wore these shoes before.

Both of these outfits I really wore,the left one to go to lunch and the right one to go see a friend.

The one on the left I wore, to go grocery shopping and see a friend. The one on the right I created and will wear soon.

I was only able to wear one outfit from this bunch, the leftmost one to go to church. rest assured though that the next two ones WILL be worn WITH the shoes.

So there you have it! Shoe challenge DONE. and I have reached my goal. I must say, I am quite pleased with myself.I think I will be doing another batch soon, what do you think? This time I think I will increase the number of pairs for a week. Will keep y'all posted!

Have a nice day!


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