My sister arrived from Madrid, Spain a few days ago and she got me these goodies:

Nude heels from Bershka. Its not that clear in the photo because of the way I angled it, but this shoe is really high! I love it! I love the combination of the nude with the wooden blocked heel.

Jelly Shoes from Zara. I had mentioned in a previous post that I wanted these and I finally got them! I mentioned that they look like something giovanna battaglia would wear, and I cannot wait to find the perfect LWD to wear them with! They look SO pretty when you wear them.I love the combination of black, nude and silver studs all together.

I loved my shoe filled weekend!

So, for those who read my blog, I have a shoe goal that I set for myself. I'm happy to announce that I have worn ALL of the shoes. BUT the week is not over yet so I still have to come out with outfits to pair with those shoes. Stay tuned for more updates!


  1. what size You got of Bershka, and what size do you actually wear?

  2. and what size of these Bershka do You have, also 39 or 40?
    becouse i wear 39 and I heard that these heels should be bigger, and of course I can't find 39 anywhere :(

  3. i wear a 39 always...40 is too big... but if theres no 39 then you can size up and wear a cork

  4. hi there from Greece.Do you sell the first shoes?I had them until yesterday that somebody stole them from my lugguage...


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