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Shoes I want

I'm not much of an online shopper because I prefer to see the things I buy in its actual state.

There is one online shop though that i frequent, called sassyspot. They have a  variety of shoes to choose from and the quality and prices are not bad.

Was browsing, and there were so many shoes I saw that I didn't notice before! I mean, I might have seen them before because these albums were uploaded months ago but I didn't realize the potential of a lot of the pairs. I hope they still have the ones I want! :o

Here are some of my picks:

I've always wanted a giraffe printed shoe - since its not such a common animal print like the leopard and zebra.

This is a gorgeous pair of...are they boots? either way, I LOVE the print on them, they had a black and white version of this which were great too...

These shoes kind of remind me of Olivia Palermo's shoes, which she wore at some event. I love Olivia's Style by the way. If you love her style too, check out this blog and th…


I got my self these leopard print shoes a week or two ago:

I love the combintion of the animal print, the black velvet and the gold piping in between. I also love that its chunky, but not tooooooo chunky that it looks dowdy.

I originally wanted the zebra print version of these but upon inspection of both, i found the leopard version a lot better because it was, how do you say hairy. Hahaha sounds gross right? bu what i mean is, the texture is better because the zebra ones, they look like they were just painted on(see link) actually in the pictures the zebras look really great but I wasnt so impressed with the actual real live pair. But now i'm thinking I should get the zebra ones too but then I have to remind myself to stop overbuying shoes or else I will be bankrupt. okay I am rambling here. If you want more info about this shoe brand, then here is their link.

Vogue Daily Shoes

One of my favorite websites to browse through is and I especially loooove their 5 days, 5 looks, 1 girl section where they feature people who work at vogue on what they wear for five days.

Anyway, the main reason for this post is really to talk about the two pairs of shoes that I loved which I saw in Sylvanna Ward Durrett's (Vogue's Special Events Editor) feature:

From afar, they look like any normal nude heels but up close, they look like these:

Don't you just looooove the fact that the heel has this little nude edging at the bottom? this shoe is just so, so perfect. They are by Nina Ricci.

The other one is by Isabel Marant:

As I have mentioned constantly in this blog, I really love two tone shoes - especially if they are black and white. These ones are so unique because of the ankle strap. I didn't know Isabel Marant had any shoes, maybe I better go check out her website and research on more pretty shoes.

It's always so interesting to see what people who ar…