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Cheap thrills

So like I mentioned in my last post, i was all set to buy basic black peep toe pumps. But then I spied these shoes in another rack and I had to have them. Was supposed to buy just the black ones plus also get my peep toe pumps but the super light gray ones made me weak also when I wore them. I just HAD to buy both colors right???

Love the wooden detail in the platform and the heel. The cut outs, the peeptoe and the ankle straps! Really love them!

They look better when they're worn...

These were really my cheap thrills of the day. Got it from one of our local department stores - they have awesome shoes there. Sadly had to forgo the needed black pumps, but I can always go back for it another time.

In the meantime I'm going to enjoy my new babies. Not bad eh? Can't Wait to wear them!

Need Wedges

Really Need to buy more wedges. Asides from the fact that they are stylish, they are also comfortable to walk in and are steady.

I ordered a pair online but it wont come till september so I will be on the hunt for new wedges now to tide me over. Saw some yesterday and can't wait to pick some out!

In the meantime, feast your eyes in these Givenchy SS 2010 wedges. Love them!

(All Photos are from

Sigh. I seem to be 'needing' a lot of shoes right now. I also mentined in my last few posts that I need basic black peep toe pumps. Can you believe I don't have any??? I think every girl should have at least one pair of it in her shoe closet. Was supposed to buy some yesterday but I got distracted and bought other pairs instead. Sigh will post those pairs in my next post. Ok I am already straying from my original topic of wedges. haha, oops.

Some Pretty Things to brighten up my day...

Fabulous necklace I got a few months back at some bazaar/trade fair...

It's made up of different stones like malakite, moonstone...etc...

Shoe with a ruffled rose..It was the last pair in this design and color that they had in the store!

Finally Found my pink pumps! They are kinda hard to walk in, but howell. Practice makes perfect roiiiigt???

My mother's dress. Had to squeeze myself into this thing. Cant believe mother dear was skinnier than me when she was my age!

Just a few simple things to brighten up my day! That and....ahehehe.

Happy Sunday and Happy World Cup Finals to everyone! vamos!


It was only a few weeks ago when I found out that Prada resort 2009 had some fabulous gorgeous shoes. (Yes I know im seasons late, but i dont really care about whats current - the important thing is that they are pretty :)

Most of their shoes had bows. And I think I have already mentioned several times that I love shoes with bows.

This pair is really cute too, with flowers.

pretty,pretty. need to get new shoes with pretty bows too.

all photos are from

here's the rest of the collection :