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Oscar Tiye Antoinette Ruffle Sandals

I mentioned in this post how much I missed seeing pretty girly stiletto designs. This pair from Oscar Tiye just makes me wish that my shoe closet is filled with all of these pretty and frilly (but still wearable and classy!) shoe styles. what do you guys think?

Alexandre Birman Suede Python Lace-Up Sandal

A pair of neutral and classic pair of shoes doesn't have to be boring and dull. Take a look at this one from Alexandre Birman. He's known for classic but still sexy shapes, working with exotic skins and other textures like suede together. This pair has all those elements and together they make for this one amazing shoe. The cut-outs and thin straps that lace up will make the pair look so delicate on your feet. This  pair will make your legs look like they go on for days. What do you guys think of this pair?

12 Pairs of Interesting Shoes To Wear for Halloween

I am not really planning to dress up for Halloween. But being the shoe person that I am, wearing something completely unique on my feet is a must. And since I do have my own shoe line that makes heels with wings - then you can bet that I will be wearing one of those winged creations on the 31st. What do you guys think? Should it be the dragon wing, the fairy wing or the winged horse? Which pair should I wear?

Top : Apophis in maroon, Apophis in black Bottom : Titania, Pegasus

If you are like me and are looking instead to dress your feet in something really cool, different and "Halloweeny", then take a look at these 12 unique pairs that I've gathered after the jump.

Weird Shoe Wednesday : Irregular Choice Monster Ankle Boots

Happy Weird Shoe Wednesday Shoe Lovers! Halloween is just in a few days and these ankle boots from Irregular Choice totally sets the mood for the occasion! They look like monsters - complete with fangs, angry eyes and scaly texture! There's a black and metallic gold version of it so in case you don't really have a costume planned, then you can just let your feet do all the talking! What do you guys think?

Dsquared Black Frilled High Heeled Sandals

Sometimes (wait I'm lying, I mean ALL the time), I really miss the whole Sex and the City Era. I'm talking about the shoe part of it of course. Carrie Bradshaw almost always wore the prettiest, daintiest and sometimes frilliest heels. Most of her shoes were decadent stilettos - we didn't really see a lot of all that norm core-mandals-flat platform BS that we see a lot of lately (no offense to those styles of shoes and designers making them - it's personally just not to my taste). This pair from Dsquared so reminds me of that golden era of shoes! Imagine Carrie Bradshaw prancing around the streets of New York in these! They're so pretty and frilly, they would look great with just a plain dress or even just jeans. These are the types of shoes that are meant to be the stars of the show - no need for any other accessories in your outfit! What do you guys think of this pair?  Also, do you guys think that the Carrie Bradshaw era was also the golden era for shoes?

Jimmy Choo Lucy Sequined Half Dorsay Pump

I am loving the beautiful color combinations in this shoe- blue and gold always look so good together! Plus it has those flecks of red scattered everywhere. This pair has embroidered sequins all over and also one of the most perfect arches. What do you guys think?

Tuesday Trend : Fancy Flat Slides

Ever since the whole 'normcore' minimalist, mandal trend came out I swore to myself that I would never wear any of those slides that got so popular with the fashion set. That is, until Miu Miu came out with what I like to call the "Fancy flat Slides". These slides involve decadent factors such as pearl embellishments, origami bows, floral appliques and so on. It sounds like so much more my thing! One of the reasons why I don't like those plain normcore slides is that they just do not make your feet look pretty. These fancy slides do! I don't know if it's the pretty embellishments or the fact that they're designed and structured in a way to make your feet look great - either way it's definitely a thumbs up for me! I can't wait to see other brands come up with more of these fancy flat slides. What do you guys think of this trend?

Stuart Weitzman Hands Up Pumps

How cool are these Stuart Weitzman Pumps?? They are a reddish pink high heeled pumps with a blinged out heel that feature a hand design. The hands look like they're cupping the back part of the shoe and feature a huge emerald like stone ring. It even has vampy red nails! Check it out after the jump

The Ten Best Shoestagrams of the Week

The past fashion month had me stalking a lot of Instagram accounts of  style editors, street style photographers and other style influencers who were attending shows and events. Their posts did not disappoint as it kept me (and any other style stalker out there) updated with all the latest styles and trends for Spring2017. Asides from runway news, we also get to see some insider information on what everyone was wearing and what everyone packed for a whole month of numerous outfit changes. Of course, for me it were the shoefies/shoestagrams/shoesoftheday posts that I was keeping a lookout for. I found so many great shoestagrams and also discovered many gorgeous shoe styles that I had not seen till now.

Unusual Shoes : Gucci Molina Lips T-strap Open Toe Pumps

Gucci Molina Lips T-strap Open Toe Pumps. How cool are these heels? I know it says that these are a "lips" shoe but if you scroll through the rest of the photos then you'll see that there's also an eye in the insoles! So this can also be the "face" shoe. It's kind of cool but also kind of creepy at the same time seeing a bright blue eye staring up at you from your footwear. What do you guys think of this unusual pair of shoes?