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Weird Shoe Wednesday : Gucci Goat Hair Slippers

Happy Weird Shoe Wednesday! Today's shoes are these Gucci Goat Hair Slippers. I am going to go right ahead and say that this pair of shoes kind of really reminds me of a hairy dust ball that you find in corners that you forget to clean. I'm really wondering when and how one wears this? In the product shots that you see after the jump, this pair is actually styled with going out clothes. Which means it's intended to actually be worn out of the house. Now don't get me wrong, this pair  can actually look very cute. In some sides. Haha. In one side it looks like a hairy pet, from the top, it looks like somebody's head of hair. It's interesting but not something I would wear. What about you guys? What do you think?

Outfit Ideas for Over the Knee Boots

I think Over the knee boots should be every girl's wardrobe staple for winter. They are chic and look so good with a variety of outfits. Plus, you'll have additional warmth with the extra coverage and protection it gives from your feet up to your knees. Check out my outfit ideas for this pair from Steve Madden after the jump!

Chiara Ferragni Slingback Heels

I am actually loving these heels from Chiara Ferragni. I had my doubts at first about this very popular blogger's shoe designs but her heels are gradually making it's way to a place in my heart. This pair is a sleek stiletto slingback with velvet and patent uppers. It features a monster applique in the toe straps. A perfectly sexy sandal with just a hint of quirkiness! What do you guys think of this pair?

Collections : Alexandre Birman Fall Winter 2015

In Alexandre Birman's Fall Winter 2015 collection, we see a lot of fall colors like blacks, grays, reds and warm neutrals. There's a variety of heels and pumps as well with his signature exotic skins and curvy/wavy designs. Ankle boots and knee high boots are of course, a staple in any fall/winter collection and there's plenty to choose from this season. What do yo guys think of this season's collection? See more photos after the jump!

Salvatorre Ferragamo Low Heeled Spotted Shoe

I am really digging these funky low heeled spotted shoes by Ferragamo. I mentioned in one blog post that I've really been into low block heels lately. They look great and are really comfy on the feet! This pair has a cork texture and is decorated with some fun and colorful dots. Loving the metallic bow details at the back too! What do you guys think of this pair?

Charlotte Olympia Sunrise Pumps

There's something so pretty and delicate about a gold  embellishment that's dangling from the shoe. These black pumps from Charlotte Olympia features a sun embellishment hanging from it's ankle strap. It's "rays" are dangling from it and one even forms a delicate t-strap down the shoe. Isn't that so gorgeous? I love t-straps and I love it even more when it's in a form of a pretty gold chain! What do you guys think of this shoe?

Loveless Bow Detail Pumps

I always love a good pump with a bow in them. These black pumps from Loveless has one that is detachable. If you're not feeling the bow, then you can ditch them and have a sleek and classic black pump, perfect for work. When it's time to have some fun however, you can just slip in the cute little ribbon. Easy peasy right? And you get two styles in one shoe! What do you guys think?

Whimsical Wednesday : Rene Caovilla Butterfly Heels

Doesn't  this pair kind of make you want to to run around in some fields and chase butterflies as if you don't have a care in the world? That's what I feel when I see this pair. It's such a cute and whimsical pair - like it was made for a fairy or some fantasy character to wear or something. This Rene Caovilla pair features straps that are made to look like they're roping around your feet. It's embellished with butterflies all over the multicolored straps. What do you guys think of this pair? Would you wear them or are they just fanciful to look at? See more photos after the jump!

Chloe Gosselin Amarillis

Chloe Gosselin's shoes have been on my radar for quite some time now but this is the first time I've featured them in the blog. I don't know why it's taken me so long - her shoes are simple and classic with just a hint off trend and edge on the design. What i love most about the shoes is that she has such amazing structure and clean lines - the top things I look for in any shoe design. This pair is clean and sleek, has the perfect heel and arch. I am also loving the multi lines in the front part of the shoe and again in the back. Will be doing a designer shoelight on this soon! What do you guys think?

Collections : Dolce and Gabbana Fall Winter 2015

Check out Dolce and Gabbana's Winter 2015 shoe collection - it's seriously one of the most fanciful and whimsical collections out there. Well, when has Dolce and Gabbana ever not been whimsical anyway right? This season's shoes did not disappoint in the fantasy factor : they are filled with some boots, lots of Mary Janes, pumps and flats that all have some sort of jeweled embellishments, floral, candy beads and fruit appliques and a lot of mixed textures. There is even a boot with a make-up design in a Plexiglas heel! Go on and check out the rest of the collection and be mesmerized by it all.

Jimmy Choo Trapeze Sanals

Another two-tone heel that I am coveting. These Jimmy Choo strappy sandals, in some angles, look like they are an all black one, but it gradually tapers downs into a nude color, nearing the insoles. I love that the black straps have little folds in them, it adds a bit of pizzazz to the shoe and of course, I am in love with the high stiletto heel. What do you guys think of this pair?

Valentina Carrrano Nude Heels

How gorgeous are these nude shoes from Valentina Carrano? The design itself is actually very simple and classic but the little design details are what make this shoe stand out : the v-cut vamp, the subtle gold piping around the shoe and the pretty little tassels dangling from the ankle strap. What do you guys think?

Outfit Ideas : Chloe Brown Ankle Boots

I really love these Chloe ankle boots that I posted awhile back. Since I know it's chilly already in some places around the world, I thought I'd come up with three looks for this pair. They look really good with skinny jeans or even with a mid length skirt or a short dress. So many other outfits I can think to wear with but for now here are my top three suggestions.

Weird Shoe Wednesday : Fendi Shearling Boots

Today's "weird" shoes are these Fendi Shearling boots. Okay, I know they are cute and fluffy and will probably keep you warm in the colder months, but I can't help thinking it looks like some sort of stuffed toy. It's like wearing a pink care bear on the feet. Or a pink stuffed unicorn, with the heel looking like glass hooves. It's an interesting boot but definitively not one I would purchase to wear! What do you guys think? Would you wear these boots or are they too weird for words?

Gianvito Rrossi Barely There Heels

Another gorgeous barely there pair here on the blog, I mentioned that I am obsessed with them. The barely there style is just so sleek and versatile and I love almost every version I see out there! This one is by Gianvito Rossi and it's in a deep purple color with velvet texture. The heel is so high and sexy and perfect, and I love the buckle in the ankle straps. What do you guys think?

Rochas Metallic Embellished Brocade Pumps

I've been so obsessed with Rochas shoes lately, especially when they keep coming out with hits like this and this, and now this metallic embellished heeled ankle strap pumps. At first I thought that the texture was kind of like a gold foil that's all crinkled up, but upon zooming in (and reading the product description, lol) it turns out that it is actualy in a gold and silver brocade palette. It looks so gorgeous and it's amazing how they made it come out to look shiny and "foil-like" even if it's in a brocade material. Loving the embellishments and the ankle straps. This shoe is absolutely perfection on the feet.

Sunday Shoe Steals : 9 affordable pairs

Happy Sunday everyone! I hope everyone is having a great weekend so far. The star of today's round-up of Sunday Shoe Steals are definitely these pom pom heels from River Island. They are so fun, flirty and pretty! There is also a pink version of these as well as eight other pairs of affordable and really cute shoes. Check it all out after the jump!

Two Tone Ankle Boots : Malone Souliers

I've always been into two-tone colored shoes and it's always such a pleasure to discover new color combinations. I normally favor the black and white combo, but in this case, I find mud brown and forest green to actually look pretty goo. It is a perfect color combination for fall. I also love the overall look and structure of these ankle boots and the kind of chunky heel. This should provide a stable base for walking even though the heel height is rather high. what do you guys think of this pair?

Collections : Gianvito Rossi Fall Winter 2015

Gianvito Rossi's Fall/Winter collection has a lot of boots. Most especially over the knee high lenghts (a style I really love!), mid length height ones and ankle boots in stiletto and block heels. The Rolling High Cuissard  above is in a really beautiful neutral color and it has a block heel that can provide a more stable base and will be perfect for walking around! The collection not only features great boots, but also sexy, barely there stilettos sandals, pumps and pretty block heeled Mary Janes. Colors are mostly in muted fall colors, lots of black and brown and even a deep, velvet purple. Check out the rest of shoes after the jump!

Dolce and Gabbana Flat Sandals

This pair is the epitome of resort chic. Imagine it with white shorts and a breezy top to go up on a boat, or on a long, flowy caftan for some glam poolside lounging. This is Dolce and Gabbana' s Portofino embellished sandals. The name itself already tells you what this pair is perfect for! It  is the ultimate in decadence and any accessory or shoe by this duo will always be the cherry on top of the cake. These sandals are gorgeous and fun and versatile. What do you guys think of this pair?

Jimmy Choo Purple Fringe Heels

I'm kind of really obsessed with seeing fringe and tassels in shoes lately. This pair from Jimmy Choo has a combination of both and it cannot look any cuter. The shoe is dominantly purple but has a touch of orange which I think look so great. Purple and orange really complement each other! This would definitely look amazing on the feet! What do you guys think of this pair?

Her Life is A Shoe : Miss Sole

Today's featurette for Her Life is A Shoe is Miss Sole from lovelifepearls. Miss Sole has an amazing shoe collection. I am really drooling over her Louboutins and Sophia Websters. She also pairs these shoes with such fabulous outfits too! Read more about Miss Sole and her fabulous shoe collection after the jump.

Aquazzura x Poppy Delavigne

Poppy Delavigne is a model and socialite who recently collaborated with Aquazzura to design a few shoes. This pair is one of those style and they are just so pretty and whimsical! Loving the lae up and the cute little star charms.  I love them in midnight blue and nude, which ones do you guys prefer?

A Pretty Pair to Brighten Up Your Day : Rene Caovilla

How is Monday treating everyone? Coming from a Halloween weekend of partying I'm sure it's a struggle for everyone (including me!) to get out of bed and show your face at work. It's never wrong to take a teeny tiny break at work to look at gorgeous shoes to cheer you up. These stunners from Rene Caovilla are definitely worth looking at! They feature gorgeous embellishments on mesh and the perfect stiletto heel and t-straps. What do you guys think of this pair?