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Daniele Michetti

I've been coveting a lot of Daniele Michetti shoes lately. This pair has a great color combination of brown and black with a dash of  white in the front. I am loving the patterns and the braided lace-up cords. It's such  an interesting but chic shoe! What do you guys think?

Tuesday Trend : Shoes with Tassels

I've really been loving tassels lately - especially if they are on pretty shoes! I see a lot of brands putting out shoes with tassels, just thought I'd share the ones that I am loving the most! what do you guy think of tassels on shoes? Which ones are your favorites?

Sophia Webster Bejeweled Heels

I love that this Sophia Webster shoes have a bejeweled color and texture - plus some extra gems at the point of the toe! It's so luxurious looking! This is such a gorgeous shoe, it would really great on any person's feet! I can already think of so many outfits to wear this with. What do you guys think of these pumps?

Aquazzura Animal Print Heels : 3 Outfit Ideas

Remember these Aquazzura heels I featured a few days ago? I though I'd gather some outfit ideas for it as I realized that it has been awhile since I wore any animal print shoes. This Aquazzura pair is so chic and sleek and I found that there are are so many ways to wear it! Check out three outfit ideas after the jump!

Rochas Block Heels

Most often than not, I generally tend to prefer (and feature here!) sky high stiletto heels. There's just something so sexy and sleek about a thin high heel. Sometimes though, I like the block heel especially when they're done in a really pretty design like these ones from Rochas.

Weird Shoe Wednesday : Giannico

Happy Weird Shoe Wednesday everyone! Today's "weird" shoes are these nude pumps from Giannico filled with red lips. I think the whole design is cute actually and I am loving the over all shape and color of the pump. Buuut, I think many might find the presence of the lips a little bit disturbing-especially as it's set against a nude background! It sometimes looks like too much of the real thing! And on your feet too! It's like you're wearing a real person's face :o What do you guys think? Is this weird enough for you? Would you wear it? Let me know in the comments section down below!

Giuseppe Zanotti

Who doesn't love a pair of nude heels? I cannot get enough of this shade and color! This pair by Giuseppe Zanotti features some bling on the straps. I normally do not like too much blink on well, anything I own but I feel like the ones in this particular shoe are done just right and complement it perfectly. What do you guys think of this pair? Do you like the blinged out parts?

Aquazzura Animal Print Heels

I love a good animal print shoe - I think they will always looks so chic paired with a variety of outfits - most especially a nice monotone outfit. Aquazzura always comes out with such great designs, I am not surprised to see that he does animal print shoe styles really well! The heel height is perfect as is the arch and I love the curved straps that go over the foot and tied together with a little dainty cord-ribbon. What do you guys think of this pair?

Shoe Wishlist : Boots

It's practically fall season for most of the world. Winter is also just around the corner and I think that now would be the perfect time to pick out some new boots for the season! I am loving the three cuts : Ankle boots, Knee high boots and over the knee boots. I've picked out my favorites, all with different styles and price ranges. There are boots that are as expensive as Gucci and also really inexpensive ones like Qupid. I am also coveting quite a of lot classic looking ones from Jones Bootmaker ,  and these decadent  ones from Dolce and Gabbana. There are so many gorgeous styles out there! Which ones are your favorites? Check 'em all out after the jump!

Rene Caovilla Flat Thong Sandals

I am obsessed with flat thong sandals. Anything that looks as pretty and delicate as these Rene Caovilla ones are a winner in my book. This sandal is dotted with really small multi-colored embellishments all over the border of the insoles and also in the delicate straps. It comes off as looking really beautiful . I bet they look really pretty on the feet. What do you guys think off this pair?

Sunday Shoe Steals : 9 Fabulous Pairs

I hope everyone is having a fabulous Sunday and weekend so far. Check out these amazing pairs that won't break the bank. A mix of sexy stilettos and pretty flats that won't break the bank for your perusal on this lazy Sunday.

Unusual Shoes : Paul Andrew Chrysler Building Boots

So who among you out there love New York? And I mean seriously, love, loooove New York. Enough to wear it on a boot? Paul Andrew makes it possible to wear the city on your shoes. Yep, you read and see right! You can literally have the city at your feet. This design is inspired by the Chrysler Building. Check out the metallic heel with ridges that replicate the top part of the famous landmark.

Dolce and Gabbana Whimsical Blue Pumps

Do you guys know that emoticon face that has hearts in its eyes??? That's how I feel I look like everytime I see this pair on my computer screen. Seriously, Dolce and Gabbana have been putting out such beautiful shoes lately! Shoes with embellishments, lace and mesh and all those pretty decadent details! I am madly in love this pair! It has the most gorgeous blue color. It's in a mesh material with a lovely tile print and sprinkled with just the right amount of embellishments. What do you guys think?

Narciso Rodriguez

I can't remember if I ever featured a shoe from Narciso Rodriguez. Can I just say that this particular pair from the brand is gorgeous and has a really classic looking style? The pointy shape is perfect, the thin stiletto heel is beautiful and the slim ankle straps makes it look so delicate. I am also loving the kind of cap toe effect and two-tone color scheme. What do you guys think of this pair?

Sunday Shoe Steals : 12 Pretty Pairs

Today's selection of pretty affordable shoes is a nice balance between flat and high heeled pairs. I found quite a lot pf pretty ballet flats from Emilio Luca X in Brantano, gorgeous metallic heels from Asos and sexy stilettos from Aldo, Charlotte Russe and Jessica Simpson. I am really digging the pretty metallic flats above as well as some sexy hot pink booties from Asos.