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Christian Louboutin

How gorgeous are these heels from Christian Louboutin?? At first I thought they looked pretty similar to these ones I featured a few weeks back  but these have some details that the other didn't so I thought it deserved it's own feature!

A Pretty Pair to Brighten Up Your Day : Rene Caovilla

I think everyone knows that I am obsessed with bows - I have a whole section called Obsession with Bows as I generally relate bows to anything pretty, feminine and classic. Today's "Pretty Pair" is this Rene Caovilla flat bow Sandals. It features a t-strap that has beautiful bows with dainty crystals all over. The heels also features these crystals and I like that they don't look to garish. It looks perfect and just right on the shoe. What do you guys think?

Sunday Shoe Steals

A roundup of shoes for my Sunday Shoe Steals series. I love these Zara heels that I have been coveting for awhile. I think would look awesome with pencil skirts, plus I love the color!

All White Looks and Statement Shoes

I have been obsessing over all white looks lately. I think all white is the  new all black - it also looks just as amazing with a pop of color seen in the shoes. I've selected three different pairs of shoes and styled an all white outfit around it. Hot pink sandals with a pants and top combo, a gold flat with a casual outfit plus a very special pair from my own shoe line with a dress.

Gianvito Rossi Stiletto Heels

Who doesn't love a good pair of stiletto heels? Gianvito Rossi is certainly a master at that, creating gorgeous pairs with the perfect structure, arcs and heel height and shape. These particular sandals are pretty simple but have this awesome cut at the back part that make it look like it has a little bit more pizzazz. Other than that, I am loving the simplicity and super high and thin heel!

Gucci Braided Sandal

This particular style of Gucci's has been around for some time now, but I quite like this version. It features braided straps and an ankle strap that looks like a belt. In contrast, the heel is in a darker wooden looking style. It's been awhile since I saw a Gucci shoe that I really liked, this one I really love! What do you guys think?

Loeffler Randall Flats

Loeffler Randall has some really nice flats. This pair is sleek and simple with a hint of edge. Loving the cross strap in the peep toe part and the snakeskin uppers. This would look really great with a lot outfits! What do you guys think of this pair?

Jimmy Choo

Sometime all it takes is one element to make a really simple and classic shoe to look different and unique. Take this pair off Jimmy Choo for example. It's in a classic barely there stiletto sandal style. Yet a mass of jumbled up mesh is thrown in around the ankles and the whole shoe is instantly uplifted to look edgier and unique.

Sunday Shoe Steals

Today's Sunday Shoe Steals Session are all about  gorgeous affordable high heels. Well there's a flat or two in the list as well, but the rest are all heels! From this gorgeous yellow fringe pair above, to chunky zebra printed pumps and lace stiletto booties : I want them all!!!

Franceso Russo Wavy Sandals

I have been meaning to write a designer shoelight on Francesco Russo. This guy has some really great, unique and most importantly wearable shoe designs! This wavy pair of heels can't get any more unique. I love that it is not too vulgar looking though. it's still sleek and simple enough to wear on a normal basis. Loving the waves and all the cuts of the shoe!

Pollini Heels

To be quite honest, I don't think I have ever heard of the brand Pollini till I saw these Pretty Heels. What attracted me first to this pair was the pale pink color on white and then a pop of almost neon yellow and plastic blue. Sounds like an unusual combination but to me it works! Loving the structure and the overall style too! What do you guys think? I can't wait to discover more about this brand!

Unusual Shoes : Kat Maconie

I really like shoes that have an element of surprise and uniueness, Take these shoes ffrom Kat Maconie. The heels are not the usual heels, nstead they're gold rings! How cool is that?Loving how the gold looks with two shades of blue.Really like the powder blue shade and the more subdued one that looks gray. What do you guys think?

Obsession with Bows : Miu Miu

I am obsessing over these Miu Miu Sandals! It's nude, it's pretty, it has a bow and it's just plain awesome! What do you guys think? Do you like shoes with bows in them?

Her Life is a Shoe : Christiana from Sixth Lens

Welcome to the newest series of the blog. Her Life is  A Shoe, is a brand new series where I will feature girls from all over and their awesome shoe collections. For the very first feature, we have Christiana from the blog My Sixth Lens. Christiana is an engineer by profession (how cool is that??) ,is a blogger and owner of EliFab Accessories. She is a lover of fashion and a big shoe coveteur just like me and most of us here! Read on to find out more about Christiana's shoe life and see all her fabulous pairs!

A Pretty Pair to Brighten Up Your day : Gianvito Rossi

I am not a huge fan of mule sandals. There is just something about slip on shoes that don't have ankle straps or an over all upper that annoys me. These Gianvito Rossi heels are another story though. Yes, technically they are mules but they have a really thin cord that wraps around the ankles. Plus, these are probably the most beautiful "mule" style shoes I've ever laid my eyes on.

Outfit Ideas For These Shoes : Charlotte Olympia Blue Slingback Heels

A pretty blue slingback could be versatile if you put your mind to it. You'd think at first that blue shoes would be hard to style, but I found that they could look great with a variety of outfits. I came  up with three outfit ideas for these pretty blue Charlotte Olympia blue slingback I featured a few weeks back.

Sexy Stiletto Saturdays : Gucci Barely There Heels

I haven't seen a pair of Gucci stilettos that I liked enough to feature here. Barely there sandals in a slingback style will always be a hit with me! It's super simple but also super sexy. Loving how the embellishments on both the toe strap and ankle strap look just right. Not garish and tacky.

Rene Caovilla

These Rene Caovilla open toe heels sure made my heart flutter. It features some delicate looking straps that have some pearls and beads in them. So beautiful! The shape of the shoe is perfect too - the peep toe area are cut perfectly and falls all over the toes beautifully. Ofcourse the heel is gorgeous too. What do you guys think of this shoe?

Del Pozo Green Heels

I think I am obsessing over this shade of green on shoes. It is such a beautiful color and looks great on the feet and against your legs! This pair is by Del Pozo. I don't think I've ever really featured a pair from this brand yet. These green sandals are chunky, but still so pretty and fanciful. The big green flower on the toe strap doesn't look garish at all and looks way cute on the feet. The heel is also pretty interesting. It is a little bit curved and it forms the beak of a bird.

Daniele Michetti White Caged Sandals

Caged sandals are still very much all the rage right now. I am particularly loving this version of Daniele Michetti because, one it's in a white color. I don't think I have that many whites in my shoe closet! Two, the cages of the shoes are in all these interesting patterns! Imagine the marks it will leave on your feet! Haa. Marks aside, i think it is a pretty fabulous shoe and something I would buy if I had the budget!

Weird Shoe Wednesday : Fendi

Today's "weird" shoes are these Fendi "Bug Pointy Toe". At least that's what it's called in the description. I can't see how it can be a bug though with the fur all over the front part and with eyes that look more like an owl's than anything else. Still this shoe is definitely a good conversation starter and  is definitely eye-catching and "weird" enough. Would you guys wear this shoe?

Gianmarco Lorenzi Brown Strappy Sandals

I love a good neutral heel. This pair by Gianmarco Lorenzi is a lot darker than most nudes but I love the earthy tone and the fact that this will most probably go with a lot of outfits. It's almost like a t-strap style except that there are cut-outs covering the front side of the foot. The heel is also so high and sexy! My favorite kind of heel!

Fendi Heels

These Fendi heels are such a gorgeous wearable piece of art!!!Beautiful caged/strappy sandals with all these crystal embellishments. The straps aren't too much, the crystals aren't too much, that's why this piece just works. They look just right all together. At the back you see more of the crystals but they do not look too garish. Plus there is this fantastic detail on the heel. Love this!

Cesare Paciotti

Cesare Paciotti has some really cool looking shoes out there. I mean the fact that there are tiny daggers found in all of his shoes...Just like Louboutin has the red sole, Charlotte Web the spider's web and Aquazzura the pineapple, Cesare Paciotti's signature symbol is the dagger. How badass is that right?

A Pretty Pair to Brighten Up Your Day : Christian Louboutin

Happy Monday Shoe Lovers! It is once again another start to a long work week ahead. I hope looking at this pair of Christian Louboutin Laser cut heels will brighten up your day somehow!