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Obsession with Bows...Aldo Prucha

So here it is again. My obsession with bows.

This time, it is a pair of Satin Aldo shoes named the "Prucha"

I just love how this shoe looks like a present, what with the huge bow that looks like its waiting to be unraveled. I adore the texture and the color!

These shoes can be found HERE.

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Shoes for the Holidays from Jules B

So it's the holiday season (aduuuh) and I've come up with a list of nice shoes to wear and also nice shoes to wish for as presents.

These gorgeous shoes are all from They have a lot of Jean Michel Cazabat and Sam Edelman shoes and they are all so puhreety! Jules B has a lot of other awesome stuff but as usual, I went straight to the shoe section. Here are my picks.

For Holiday Parties

This is the season where you will get so many invites and events to go to. So why not use this opportunity to wear different kinds of gorgeous shoes?

If you're not comfortable wearing a shoe that's TOO glittery, then these Jean Michel Cazabat ones are perfect! The combination of black suede and gold sequins make this shoe classic yet glitzy enough for a holiday party. 

Now if you really love glitter and all that jazz then go all out with these peep toe pumps. These are also Jean Michel Cazabat. 

You can never go wrong with a leopard print shoe. These go with everything and th…

New Shoes...Vince Camuto Nude Sandals with studs

Loving my new nude shoes from Vince Camuto. I always love nude shoes (in my opinion, you can never have enough!) and studs that are put together with nudes are so awesome. These are my first pairs of Vince Camutos and I am really loving them.

The best part about these shoes? They are so comfortable! I wore them out partying for two weekends in a row now and lasted standing on my feet for hours and hours. The other good thing? I got them on sale!
Wishing you guys a shoe filled day!

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A Pretty Pair to Brighten Up Your Day...Giuseppe Zanotti

Ok I know that this section is supposed to be for chasing the Monday blues away and it's already a Wednesday but who doesn't need brightening up on any weekday right? Plus, it's 12.12.12 today!!!
How awesome is that?

I'm celebrating my 12.12.12 by baking lotsa cookies for Christmas, having dinner out with some good friends aaaand by looking at these beautiful Giuseppe Zanotti sandals.

I've mentioned before that I am not a huge fan of flat sandals. They are the type of shoes that I feel like are not so flattering on my feet and legs. There are those certain types though that I would consider wearing and these ones are definitely those! They are soooo pretty and I love the bejewelled design! Tood bad I can't afford these.
Well, no harm in looking right?

Find these sandals HERE
So how did everyone spend their 12.12.12 ?
Hope you have a shoe filled day!

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L.A.M.B Booties

Who says fall booties have to be all covered up? I really love these booties from L.A.M.B. The nude and black combination makes it look so chic and classic, plus the fact that it has a cut-out portion in the front part makes it unusual and not boring.

These booties are a perfect addition to any fall closet. Too bad where I'm from there is no such thing as cold weather. But I would totally wear these because of the cut-out! It kind of makes the boots look versatile, not too wintry.
Would you guys wear these outside of the cold weather?
Buy these booties HERE.
Have a shoe filled day!

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New Shoes...Pedro

I had gotten these beauties at an outlet store. Pedro is actually a Singaporean brand of shoes ( think they are in the same company as Charles and Keith)

These elegant peeptoes really take the cake with the ruffly details at the back. It has a really high and thin stiletto heel but is balanced out with the platform in the front part of the shoe To top of all this beauty, it has a nice satin texture.

Love my new shoes!
Wishing you all a shoe filled day ahead of you :)

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Obsession with Bows...Oscar de la Renta

I think I might have to devote an entire section on shoes with bows. If you're a regular reader of this blog, You might have noticed that I feature a LOT of shoes with bows and purchase quite a number of shoes that have bows! Haha...I think I will call the section "Obsession with bows".
Whether the bows are in the front, back, side or are big, fat, thin and are a different shape, I love, love them!
These Oscar de la Renta ones are so pretty!

I love how the bows are not the usual shape, they are more like half formed and are placed on two straps in the front. Loving the silver color of these shoes too!

Do you love these as much as I do? Find them HERE

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Shoe Shopping and Ogling at Box Clothing

I was ogling shoes at this awesome online shopping site, Box Clothing. They have all kinds of things that women (and men too!) would want to buy like clothes, shoes, accessories and etc. Of course being a huge shoe lover, I went straight to the shoes link at Box Clothing and picked some nice ones that really caught my eye!
Box Clothing has several shoe brands like Ugg, Melissa and United Nude. They actually have a loooot of Melissa shoes to choose from!

These Glitter Melissa Pumps are so cute! I love the shape and the color of the glitters. Also love the embellishment at the back of the shoe. Click HERE for the link.

These two loafers are also by Melissa! not the usual Melissa style but I still love them! Love that there's an ornament at the front! Click HERE for the black ones and HERE for the browns.

How adorable are these slippers? Polka dots AND with a bow! These are also Melissa, click HERE for the link.

These brown boots are Ugg's. I normally associate Uggs with fur and …