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Rachel Zoe Blake Sandals

I've been liking a lot of Rachel Zoe shoes lately. These Blake sandals, though kinda chunky is a rather unique design. I love the black and white combination, the tassels and the laces at the back.

It's a nice kind of edgy shoe and they are really high so that's what makes it all the more attractive. I can't wait to see what else is in store for the Rachel Zoe shoe line!

Find these shoes HERE.
Hope you have a shoe filled day!

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A Pretty Pair to Brighten up Your Day...Christian Louboutin Bow Pumps

Happy Monday everyone! How is the first day of the week treatin y'all? If you guys are mourning the loss of yet another weekend and are having the Monday blues, then hopefully today's "A Pretty Pair to Brighten Up Your day" will really, well, brighten up your day!

These are another pair of Christian Louboutins. 
They sort of have the shape of the Pigalle but they have this cute little black bow up front and when you look at the close-up below there is actually a little mesh details. Looks so pretty with the over all design and color of the shoe!

Find these shoes HERE

Hope you guys have a shoe filled day and a pretty Monday!

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Shoe of the Day...Qupid

I wore these green shoes out the other day:

These are by Qupid and I got them from an online store called feet for a queen. I really love these shoes because of the green color paired with the gold piping. It's a really nice combination, don't you think? Plus the shoes are really comfy owing to the fact that the heels are quite thick and there's a one inch platform in the front part to balance it out.
Qupid is also a really affordable brand, you can also find it in other online shops like lulus or Charlotte Russe. They follow US sizing and they are quite true to the size.

For some of you who have been reading my blog regularly, I joined the Shoperwoman's Shoe Challenge. It's basically a challenge where we have to wear all of our shoes before the year ends, the pairs that we don't wear or don't "save" we have to give away or get rid of. Click HERE for more info on the challenge from the Shoeperwoman's blog.
Anyway, so these shoes are save #70.…

Unusual Shoes : Ancient Greek Sandals

Here are some pretty unusual sandals:

These are ancient greek sandals (no really, that's what they're actually called) and I find the wings really cool! I don't know what it is with wings and me, (remember those cool Jeremy Scott for Adidas shoes?) but this is probably the fourth shoe I've featured here that has wings! They are really pretty cool and unique though don't you think?

This sandal is perfect timing for the Olympics don't you think? If you want to know why, it's because the Ancient Greeks started the Olympics and these sandals are so Greek! Hehe.
Doesn't this pair just make you want to wear these and fly across somewhere? Haha, ok now I'm just being silly.
Find these HERE.

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An Outfit For These Shoes : Carven Pumps

A new section of my blog will be: "An Outfit for these Shoes". I'll be picking out a random pretty shoe and will give out an outfit idea for the them.
Today's pair are these pretty Carven Bow detailed leather and suede pumps.

Look at how pretty the bows are! I love these series of shoes of Carven where they have these lovely little suede bows at the back. They also have them in summer colors and in peeptoes, I even featured a version of these a while back (click HERE for that post)

ANYWAY, so on to the outfit:

I decided to keep it rather simple for the clothes. Just some skinny jeans and a loose white top. The focus should be on the shoes since it's a red color and it has that amazing bow detail in the back. Since the look is rather simple, I also added some accessories to complement the shoe. The two cuffs are to be worn on one hand (preferably the left side) and I added a necklace plus some big sunglasses. Oh and to add some fun to the outfit, this cute little …

Steve Madden Haadly-s in blush

What's better than a pretty shoe? Why a pretty shoe that is on sale of course! If you look at these Steve Maddens here, then you might just be tempted  by these!

At first they just look like your ordinary tan peep-toe ankle strap shoe. And then voila! Turn it around and we have these gorgeous details at the back!

I really love shoes that have an element of surprise in them. I also really love shoes that have details in the heels! And as I've mentioned numerous times over and over, I love tan/nude and ankle strap shoes!

Wear these shoe out for a fun night out on the town or even during the day dressed down with casual jeans or pants!
Find these Steve Madden's HERE

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Weird Shoe Wednesday...Jeffrey Campbell Khori Shoes

Today's Weird Shoe Wednesday Post is all about these Jeffrey Campbell Khori Shoes.

The reason why they made it to this weird shoe Wednesday section is because of the heel/platform. The woven part of the shoe is actually okay and pretty normal but don't you think they look like they're resting on top of a sun lounger? Or a wooden slide or whatever they call those things where skate boards and bikes jump from? hmmm. This is a veeeery interesting shoe! I'm trying to figure out why they made out the heel to look like that. Haha.

Like I've mentioned in my other Weird Shoe Wednesday post, this section is not created to make fun of or discriminate against certain shoes, but to show everyone that once in awhile, shoe designs veer off to a very strange and unusual path.

If you're a lover of the unusual, then click HERE to buy them!

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Gianvito Rossi Contrast Trim Suede Shoes

I have been meaning to do a Designer Shoelight  post on Gianvito Rossi, but never got around to doing so. Don't worry that post will be coming up soon - in the meantime, consider these shoes as a prequel to said post:

I absolutely love these! From the color, to the style, to the material and to the purple pipings and shoe laces! It's such a fun accent to the yellow color of the shoes.
For some of your who may not know, Gianvito Rossi is actually the brother of one of my favorite shoe designers : Sergio Rossi! Shoe love and shoe design talent must really run in their blood!
Find these shoes HERE

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A Pretty Pair to Brighten Up Your Day...Rene Caovilla

Rene Caovilla, in my own opinion, just makes the most exquisite and beautiful shoes don't you think? Today's pretty pair is another one from the designer. I' ve just realized that I also featured Rene Caovilla in the "A Pretty Pair" section of my blog just over a month ago. (click HERE for that particular post). Well what can I say?  The shoes are just too pretty to not make it into this section more than once!

I dunno, but they some how remind me of something that Cinderella might wear. I know that everyone has all these ideas of what Cinderella's glass slipper looks, heck even Loboutin himself designed one (click HERE to see it) but i think these rene caovilla's could be one of them right? I know it's just a simple pointy shoe with a sling back, but to me there's just something very princess-y about it. If you look up close there are all these tiny beads and crystals embedded into the mesh. It's so pretty!

Find these shoes HERE.

Carvela Pink Pumps with Bow

These pretty pink pumps from Carvela are ones that I reaaalllly want to add to my closet!

What's not to love about this shoe? The shape is perfect, there is a bow (with a metallic detailing that really reminds me of ferragamo flats!), the heel height is not bad (4.5 inches) and it has this really cute pink color! It's pretty but not prissy and in my opinion, for those who are in the corporate world, still office appropriate.
So what do you say? Do we like it?
Click HERE to buy them if you want!

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Giuseppe Zanotti Sandals

I'm so crushing on these Zanotti Sandals!

I love it for it's sleek, chic and sexy style! The Gold detail snaking around the front part of the sandal really makes all the difference in this shoes. (If it were all black then it wouldn't be as exciting)

Do you guys love these as much as I do?

Find these Giuseppe Zanotti Shoes HERE.

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Asos Lace Ballet Flats

Isn't this pair of flats one of the prettiest you've seen in awhile? I think so!

I love the little bow, the cap toe and the delicate lace design found almost over all the shoes. Oh and they are nude! This is one pair of flats that definitely needs to be in one's shoe closet.
These are from Asos and you can find them HERE.

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