Shoe of the Day...Qupid

I wore these green shoes out the other day:

These are by Qupid and I got them from an online store called feet for a queen. I really love these shoes because of the green color paired with the gold piping. It's a really nice combination, don't you think? Plus the shoes are really comfy owing to the fact that the heels are quite thick and there's a one inch platform in the front part to balance it out.

Qupid is also a really affordable brand, you can also find it in other online shops like lulus or Charlotte Russe. They follow US sizing and they are quite true to the size.

For some of you who have been reading my blog regularly, I joined the Shoperwoman's Shoe Challenge. It's basically a challenge where we have to wear all of our shoes before the year ends, the pairs that we don't wear or don't "save" we have to give away or get rid of. Click HERE for more info on the challenge from the Shoeperwoman's blog.

Anyway, so these shoes are save #70. Yay, I've saved quite a lot of shoes so far. I joined the challenge around March so it's quite a lot of saves already! Only about fifty more to go! :O I won't be posting all my shoe saves here so if you guys are interested to keep up with my shoe shaving profile, then you can check out my shoper profile HERE.

Hope you guys have a shoe filled day today!

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  1. These are adorable. I love the green.

  2. Absolutely LOVE these shoes, theyre gorgeous!! :D I'm a huge fan of qupid- half my shoes are from them :)

    Cindy C.

  3. Love the shoes! They are awesome! Also, great idea, shoe saver challenge!


    Leopard and Lillies

  4. really pretty shoes!! tks for sweet comments
    keep visiting
    follow on gfc?

  5. omg those green shoes are almost to fabulous to be true! i love them madly!

  6. The shoes are gorgeous

  7. First off, those shoes are FABULOUS!!! Love, love, love, love!!
    Secondly, I think the wearing of the shoes idea is GREAT for creativity and for remembering how many amazing pairs of shoes we all own ;)

  8. those are absolutely fabulous <3 love the bold green color

    Alexa <3

  9. These shoes are awesome! The green is a beautiful color and the touch of gold is fabulous!

  10. I looove the color of these shoes! They are very summery, and stylish!)

  11. I want them, so beautiful :)

  12. Beautiful shoes and color! Love it! :D

  13. Cute shoes in an amazing color. I adore Qupid shoes too and have a few. Nice post.


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