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Nina Bejeweled Sandal

Browsing randomly at DSW shoes brought me to this pair:

I love everything about from the blue satin combined with the gold heel, to the meshed area and then topped off with a bejeweled thingy. Oh and did I mention that I LOVE t-strap shoes???

Here is a close-up of the front part of the shoe, Love the mesh and those stones together!

They also have it in a sort of berry and burgundy color, its pretty gorgeous too!

They have it in black and silver as well but for me, those two colors don't make as much of an impact as the blue and the burgundy. The black and silver versions look really ordinary... See what a difference color can make?
The heel is not super high, it's 4inches but for this type of sandals, i guess it's okay to not make it toooo high. They're pretty enough already!
Find them here.


A Pretty Pair to Brighten Up Your day

Today's pair is a pair of Loubs.

This pair is from their Spring 2012 collection. They look like they have the shape of the Pigalle Pumps, but instead have tis lovely gold texture all over and a gorgeous detailed bow. See the bow up close:

They're no ordinary bows I tell you! I really love the shape of this shoe,I love that the front part of the shoe is kind of receded toward the toes and then topped off with this pretty bow - I think it would really make the feet look so dainty!
Siiiiigh. This shoe is soooo pretty. definitely on my must lust list! (I say must lust because I can't afford it! Definitely a must buy if you have the moola!)
I found these here.

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Sergio Rossi Python and Swarovski

Swarovski and python...does it sound like a delectable combination or what?

I personally don't like Swarovski jewelry (i prefer the real precious gems!) or Swarovski anything (like on bags and etc.) because I find it TOO flashy, but check out the Swarovski beads in these shoes:

Not bad eh? They look great with the python! 

Here is a close-up:

I found them here.
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Blog Feature

Hi everyone! just wanted to share to you guys that yesterday,the lovely Elna from featured me in her blog:

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Fall 2012 Shoes...Part 2

So here's Part two of Fall 2012 shoes...whew we still have a long way to go but I cant deny that I'm enjoying all this shoe watching! I hope you guys are too! Here are some noteworthy shoes:
Oscar de la Renta

I really love those satin shoes with bows. I'm a sucker for bows and I love how its placed to the side with these strappy things. Also the velvet boots are a fresh departure from the usual fall winter boots we normally see.
Peter Som

Ralph Lauren
The first few shoes (actually the first few outfits!) of this collection, I totally was not liking but then towards the middle of the gallery, we started seeing  some real beauties! The shoes that I love from this collection are the ones peeking above - I wish they had more close ups!


These shoes are really unique. The shape is different and I like the details. The third shoe in the first picture is my face! They have killer boots too!

Sophie Theallet

I've actually never hear of this brand but I find their shoes notew…

A Pretty Pair to Brighten Up Your Day

Interrupting all the fall 2012 shoe posts to bring to you the regular Monday Post.

Today's Pair is this Rene Caovilla stunner:

They remind  me of all those intricate Indian bangles and accessories I've showed in this blog (here and here). Such a pretty piece! But then again, Rene Caovilla's shoes are never anything less than gorgeous ! Showstoppers!
I found them here.
photo is from here.

Fall 2012 Shoes...Part 1

As always, I will be doing a series of notable shoes and shoes that I love for this fall 2012 season.
The first few brands/designers that I looked up on for this season did not have a lot of nice shoes (in my opinion!) I will be showing you guys in this post (and more posts to come) the shoes that I find noteworthy. There are some that I really love, which I will mention and some which I think that a lot will like also. Be prepared to get splashed with shoes, a loooots of them, in this post. (and take note this is only part 1 of fall 2012 shoes! :o)

I love that the heel is a different color from the rest of the shoe, sort of a rose gold color. Nothing suuuuper stellar about these shoes but I still think its worth mentioning.

Creatures of the Wind

I've actually never heard of this label but I feel like their shoes are pretty unique (honestly would not wear these but they are pretty interesting and I think some people would like them!). The are like a hybrid of loafers and point…

Manolo Blahnik Color Block

This is one of my favorite color block shoes that I've stumbled across.

Ok I know color blocking means big blocks of colour put together and for this shoe the blue part is kinda mixed with other colors (i dunno do you call it a camouflage?) but I still think that this is one of the prettiest color combinations we've seen around for a while! I love the strappiness of it all and the texture. These are Manolo Blahniks.
Find them here.
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A Pretty Pair to brighten Up Your Day

Today's pair will be flats. But not a closed toe pair flats! How does a bejewelled thong sound to you guys?

I'm actually not a huge fan of flat sandals. I feel like flat sandals look really good on super skinny legs and I really don't feel like they flatter me all that much because my legs are not that long and skinny. But there are a few sandals out there that I think can look good on me and one of them is the thong variety. What more this pair that has a pretty jeweled piece to top it off? This sandal will look awesome on anyone!

Find them here.

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