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New Babies

Finally my shoe orders arrived in the mail last Thursday! It was also the perfect day because forever 21 just opened here in my little city (all 2800 glorious square meters of it) and i had just come home from a mini shopping spree when I came home to these:

Wrote about these shoes in my withrawal shoetoms post, I also got the leopard pumps! Soo happy I was able to get most of the pairs in that post.
I love the color combinations of this shoe and the glitter. I love that the glitter isn't so in-your-face glittery. They're kind of subtle. Right after I first wrote about these shoes, I thought, oh no! These look like Christian Louboutin knockoffs!I normally don't buy knockoffs that look EXACTLY like the original ones but if a lot of other high street brands are doing a similar design then I guess its safe to own a pair.
These are from my favorite online shoe shop.
Here are the Loboutins in case you're interested:

What do you think?

A Pretty Pair to Brighten Up Your Day

Here is your Monday Dosage of a Pretty Pair to Brighten up your day:

These are by Liam Fahy, Found in his website. I don't know much about this designer. I only know that he is a rather young designer (born 1984!) and he does not have a lot of shoes up in his site. Here the link if you want to know more about the designer.

These shoes also have in blue and black:

Aren't they soooo pretty??? I love, love the bow and the satin material. I can't decide which one is prettier, the pink or the blue. The black ones are pretty too if you aren't into the vivid colors.

Hope this pair brightens up you Monday!

Not your usual Black Pumps

I really like these pumps from Stradivarius:

I love the design and the height ofcourse. Any high, high shoes are always number one on my list. I like the uppers and the small platform at the soles. Find them here.

Jimmy Choo Metallic

This is such a sexy pair of sandals! I know I'm going straight to the point but I love the structure and heel of this Choos! They also have this awesome metallic blue color which reminds me of Sex and the city days...

If you look closely at the sandals you can see that there are details. It says in the description its 'crushed metallic'. I think I would be pretty crushed if I don't own a pair of these!
Find these beauties here.

Wearing Fall on Your Feet...

What better way to start your fall by wearing it on your heels? Fall usually reminds us all of leaves  falling in beautiful rich colors like red, bronze, brown, and orange. They look so pretty all over the ground or falling slowly to the ground. Now I know I live in a tropical country, thus we do not have such thing as fall but I have experienced this wonderful time of the year back when I lived in Paris a few years ago.
Anyway, back to my point. Don't you think these B Brian Atwoods look like you would be wearing fall on your feet?

Not only do they have leaves on it, it has this bronzy sheen all over it to make it feel more special and pretty! I love the heel and the placement of the strap in its uppers!
Find them here.

Studded Sparkly booties

Here is another pair of pretty booties for all you guys out there who gets to experience fall:

I'm not such a 'stud' person when it comes to shoes. But this pair is pretty okay. I like how the studs are placed, the overall shape of the boot and the heel height. These are from River Island.Find them here. I also have another post on studded shoes if interested.

Nude is the new black

We all know that in every girls wardrobe, black is a crucial staple. Not just in clothes, but in shoes as well. Almost every girl has at least a pair of black pumps, black peeptoes, black ballet flats, black ballet shoes, black strappy shoes and so on and so on.

However, a few years ago came the explosion of the nude shoes. Suddenly owning a pair of nude shoes became de rigeur for every girl. And why not??? Nude shoes go with almost anything you wear, be it a bold red dress a printed one piee and even the classic LBD. Plus, nude shoes elongate your legs and make it look thinner and sexier. Therefore, I think nude is the new black. It is a MUST for everyone.

I've classified the kind of nude shoes we should own (or aspire to own). This is just a little guide if you're looking for those perfect nude shoe : be it a pump, a peetoe, flats, booties or those 'special' nude shoes that don't really fall into any of those categories I mentioned. All these shoes are in differe…