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Brand I've Never Heard of: DIEGO DOLCINI


You can view more of their shoes at their site.

Interesting color combinations like metallic silver with gold, metallic pink with metallic orange and light blue on dark blue as well as interesting details like embellished heels or a glittery patch on a suede wedge. They are actually quite lovely!


Nude colored AND with a bow....

Christina Louboutin SS 2011...

Find it here .

trying to decide...

Trying to decide which of these pairs of shoes to get:

Brown or black??? I can't resist bows...

Nor nude shoes....

an alternative to clogs which are all the rage now...

hmm what to get? or shall I get all three?

Brand I've Never Heard of : Aperlai

Here is a shoe brand that I've never heard of but has gorgeoussssss shoes..
just saw it while i was again browsing at's accessories index.
Feast your eyes on pairs upon pairs of gorgeousness:

I Love them all!!!
I've actually seen these pictures since last year but I have not been able to post right away because I have absolutely no information on this brand or designer. I then got lazy to research and almost forgot about them.
I did some research and came across this blog entry. Still need more info though!
If anyone has more info on this brand, it would be great to hear some! Shoes these pretty must not be kept a secret!

SS 2011 : FENDI

OK so going back to my Spring/Summer 2011 posts..
Take a look at these Fendi beauties:

photo credit: all photos from
okay, okay...It's the bows again...
loooove it

New Year, New Shoes

My fist few pairs for the year 2011...
I like them because they both have bows in them...

Happy New year to all!!!