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Holiday shoes

Got a bunch of shoes over the holidays...
A Christmas gift to myself....Charles and Keith nude strappy platforms....

H & M Bandage shoes in taupe/gray from my sister! Looks so dangerousssss....

Another Cheap thrill from one of the local shops...bought the day after Christmas day..It's lovely! Love the texture and the color. Should I get the pink versions of these???

I also got a whole other bunch of pairs, mostly from my sister who are living abroad. I finally got espadrilles! Excited to wear them.
I promised my self though, that the shoes above will be the last pair I will be buying for the year...well, the year ends in 4 days do i can buy new pairs after that! ahahaha just kidding..Dont think I will be buying another few pairs for another few weeks, UNLESS I can't resist something that I like.
Love my shoe filled holidays! :)

Spring Summer 2011: DVF

Never really saw a DVF shoe but this one looks aryt.
I like the three tone color, the unique heel with gold piping, and of course the fact that you can tie it around your ankle. Love that factor in shoes!
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