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Totally digging the whole flowery thing on chunky heels. And the colors are just right too...

They're kinda dior - ish don't cha think???


The shoes that I loved from the designers mentioned above:
Emporio Armani
I Love these wedges!Perfect for summer with white shorts or denim jeans.
Emilio Pucci
Love these - these are so xexeh. I especially like the little gold detail - wish they had a frontal view of the shoe! and the heel looks dangerously thin! love them!
3.1 Philip Lim
I love two toned shoes - especially black and white. These ones from 3.1 Philip Lim are pretty cute and unique! and the white part has texture. The shape is also uncommon.
Wish I could see how they look like when worn though!

all pictures are from :


Gonna be doing a series of posts on spring/summer 2011 shoes that I love.
Most of the pictures are from It's so easy to browse for them at's accessory index!!! But there are tons!!! I'm only on the 16th page now and there are like 48!
Here is the link to that page
For this post, i'll be posting pictures of BRIAN ATWOOD SS2011.
For some reason I'm attracted to these colorful ones. They're so funky and unique.

These ones are simple but very sexy and classic! love the blush colored ones! These are two his satin shoes.I absolutely love the jewel encrusted peeptoe shoes and the color of the green peeptoes pumps.
Fabulous shoes!!!


So when I opened the page entitled 'Parisian Chic' at, I totally just gasped out load.

Must be the bows again.

For the details, you can view them here :

Thank God It's Payday (Whew that was a long wait)

So I've been eyeing this pair of ALDO shoes for over a week now. They were on sale - 5o percent off...but I had to wait for payday. Good thing they still had it in my size yesterday!

Love them!!!!

I know they're not really in a current style - but I'm not really about what's current or trendy when it comes to shoes. I'm all about beautiful, pretty, can't sleep till I get it shoes. In short, I buy shoes that I like and not what everyone likes for the moment.

I think these shoes are an old style, I can't even find them on the website of American Aldo. I think we get stuff over here pretty late. The shoes on sale at the ALDO website are the current ones we have here. But whatever, these shoes are puuuuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrrrrrty.

Remember Season 6 of Sex and the City? Episode 9, I think. Her stolen Manolos were about the same style as these. so lovely. They also had a silver version at the store but I found them toooooooooo silver. the black ones are just fabulous.

Lanvin Wedges

I love these Lanvin Wedges.

Couldn't 'save image as' the close ups but you can view them here :

They have them in black as well.
Photos from

new shoes

another find from my favorite online shoe shop

they're prettier when worn in real life!