Thank God It's Payday (Whew that was a long wait)

So I've been eyeing this pair of ALDO shoes for over a week now. They were on sale - 5o percent off...but I had to wait for payday. Good thing they still had it in my size yesterday!

Love them!!!!

I know they're not really in a current style - but I'm not really about what's current or trendy when it comes to shoes. I'm all about beautiful, pretty, can't sleep till I get it shoes. In short, I buy shoes that I like and not what everyone likes for the moment.

I think these shoes are an old style, I can't even find them on the website of American Aldo. I think we get stuff over here pretty late. The shoes on sale at the ALDO website are the current ones we have here. But whatever, these shoes are puuuuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrrrrrty.

Remember Season 6 of Sex and the City? Episode 9, I think. Her stolen Manolos were about the same style as these. so lovely. They also had a silver version at the store but I found them toooooooooo silver. the black ones are just fabulous.