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Another Cheap (ish) thrill

Before, I always used to think that the shoe selection in my hometown pretty much sucked. That's why every time I go out on a trip abroad or was at the country's capital, I always grab the opportunity to stock up in as many pretty pairs as possible. Or I would ask my sisters to buy me some since they lived aboad. When I started living out of my hometown for college and a year abroad, I got a little more crazy about shoes because there were so many more pairs to chose from! Now that I'm back again at my hometown, I was a little frustrated because I thought that the shoe selection here was just plain fugly.

But now, I've come to realize that in terms of shoe selection, my hometown is shaping up! There are a loooot more choices and they're mostly very affordable! I think I've bought myself around 6 pairs at least in the past two months!

But I have to be careful though. I don't want to keep buying shoes that are tooooo cheap just because they're pretty. The…