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Shoe Goodies!

Who says shoes make the world go round??? I DOOOOO!!!!

Got a package today from one of my favorite online shoe shops (actually this is the ONLY online shop i go to, not a big fan of online shopping) anyway, the shop is

I was sooooo happy today when i saw that 5KG box on our porch. Never mind that my mom kept nagging and accusing me of gluttony . blah blah blah. let it all go out the other ear. Nothing can distract me from a new pair of shoes. or two, or three....or four!

Here are the pairs I got ( pictures are taken from their site by the way)

I love the ruffled detail!!! I originally wanted the red ones but they were out of stock boo :(

gotta have a pair of yellow pumps in my shoe closet!! my next project is a hot pink pair.

I think I already mentioned in one of my earlier posts that I absolutely, absolutely looooooove bows in shoes! wore these today!

And for this pair, unfortunately I had to let this go :( i'm selling it to a friend... love the three toned…