Shoe Goodies!

Who says shoes make the world go round??? I DOOOOO!!!!

Got a package today from one of my favorite online shoe shops (actually this is the ONLY online shop i go to, not a big fan of online shopping) anyway, the shop is

I was sooooo happy today when i saw that 5KG box on our porch. Never mind that my mom kept nagging and accusing me of gluttony . blah blah blah. let it all go out the other ear. Nothing can distract me from a new pair of shoes. or two, or three....or four!

Here are the pairs I got ( pictures are taken from their site by the way)

I love the ruffled detail!!! I originally wanted the red ones but they were out of stock boo :(

gotta have a pair of yellow pumps in my shoe closet!! my next project is a hot pink pair.

I think I already mentioned in one of my earlier posts that I absolutely, absolutely looooooove bows in shoes! wore these today!

And for this pair, unfortunately I had to let this go :( i'm selling it to a friend... love the three toned concept though!!!

What a lovely dayoff:) perfect timing they all arrived today.

oh and I also got a pair of flats while I was out today. It's from a brand called Suelas. They have really cute comfortable flats that you can fold, flatten and roll!! (hahaha, that's actually their tagline!

I got the plain black version of this one. Needed them for work. They're totally perfect for traveling! and If you commute, its perfect because once you get to the office, you can just fold them up. store in your bag or cabinet and change into heels!

Loved my shoe filled day!!!


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