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Dsquared Pattern Leather Pumps

How fun are these pumps from D'squared? I'm really loving the color combinations! Metallic blue and pink look really good together. I love that there's also a little lightning shaped metallic silver line in between the two colors. It makes the shoes look so much more interesting! What do you us think?

Sara Al Yahya Sheikha Sandals

Sara Al Yahya Sheikha Sandals. This is actually the first time I've ever heard of this designer/brand. So far, I've seen so many pretty pairs from this designer and I can't wait to feature them all! I'm absolutely loving the details of the heel! It reminds me of a really nice and fancy pillar in a mosque or something. This heel has such a gorgeous blush color and it looks like it could be comfortable too! Perfect for night outs when you want to be comfortable but still look sexy and stylish. What do you guys think?

Aquazzura Monaco Stiletto Sandals

I will forever love barely there stiletto sandals. There's nothing more sexy and subtle than a good pair. I'm happy to note that Aquazzura still makes different variations of this style. I love that these versions have all these little balls bunched up together in the toe strap. It makes the shoes look so much more fun and whimsical. The Aquazzura "Monaco" Stilettos Sandals come in a metallic gray, black and suede color. Which ones do you guys love the most?

Olgana Paris La Delicate Satin Pumps

Why are these shoes so beautiful? The arch, the shape, the color, the elements - this pair is seriously one of the most perfect pairs I've seen in awhile. Olgana Paris really has a lot of beautiful shoes ( which I can't wait to feature one by one and also do a shoelight on!) I can't wait to see more from this brand! what do you guys think of this pair?

Dsquared Swarovski Satin Heels

There is something about this shoe that is a combination of weird, cute, delicate and decadent all at once. Weird because of the unusual eye design, cute because of the bow and the other elements that go with the eye, delicate because of the shape and the stiletto heel and decadent because of the colors and the satin texture. It's a pretty fabulous shoe and I would totally wear it if I had the moolah to buy it in the first place. What do you guys think?