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Daniele Michetti

There is nothing I love more than a sleek and gorgeous, girly pump. This pair by Daniele Michetti gets it right in every aspect. The shape, arch and heel and arch are absolutely perfect. The bow in front looks understated but gorgeous and I am really digging that chocolate brown color. What do you guys think?

Casadei Metal and Mesh Heels

I love how the sandal looks like it has just these metallic straps going all the way from the ankle to the peeptoe. Then you look closely and see that the uppers are made almost entirely of mesh. These shoes are by Casadei. I am loving the combination of mesh and metallic. I really love seeing mesh in shoes, it makes everything look so dainty and look so much better than plastic (in my own opinion),.

Brian Atwood Yuna Sandals

I think I died just a little bit the moment I saw these shoes. They look even more fabulous when they're worn. It is seriously such an amazing looking shoe! The color! The fan shaped tassels! The braided and rope-like straps! Brian Atwood really hit it out the ballpark with this one.

Charlotte Olympia Blue Slingback Shoes

Slingbacks and bows are some of my favorite features to see in a shoe. This pair from Charlotte Olympia  has both of that plus an interesting paisley print. I am not really into paisley prints but somehow they look okay on this shoe. Not too annoying. Plus I love the blue color! What do you think?

Collections : Gianmarco Lorenzi Spring/Summer 2015

The Spring Summer 2015 collection of Gianmarco Lorenzi features a lot of gorgeous stiletto and high heeled sandals. It also has some classic shaped pumps in a variety of colors including one in a beautiful hot pink shade that I am in love with. The sandals have their own level of quirk while still maintaining a very wearable air. I am loving this whole collection all in all! What do you guys think?

Sexy Stiletto Saturdays : Stuart Weitzman

Hope everyone is having a lovely start to weekend! These Sexy hot pink stilettos from Stuart Weitzman is sure to vamp up any outfit for any night out plans you might have later. It features a gorgeous and high 4.5 stiletto heel and the barely there straps in pink round up the over all sexiness of the shoe.

Shoelight : Aquazzura Wild Thing Sandals

I've been seeing thees particular style from Aquazzura being posted and reposted by so many people and celebrities on instagram. This is the "Wild Thing" sandal and I am absolutely in love with them!!! They look so gorgeous on the feet and they have the perfect touch of fun and sexiness all rolled in together! What do you guys think of this shoe? I wish I could get my own!

Gianvito Rossi Fan Sandals

I am absolutely in love with the fan-like design at the back part of these Gianvito Rossi stilettos. It just looks like such a pretty and dainty lacy fan. The black overall color also takes away from the prissiness. I swear Gianvito Rossi comes up with so many winners every time!

Sergio Rossi Plisse Heels

I normally go for a heel type that looks super leek and sharp. The heels in these Sergio Rossi ones look that but are actually a triangular shape. You don't really notice it as it still looks nicely formed and high enough, but there is that element of uniqueness to it which I really like. I am also loving the combination of black ,white and metallic gray on the rest of the shoe and the d'orsay style. What do you think of these pumps?

Giuseppe Zanotti Shell flats

The heat today in my country is sweltering and so unbearable. It is the middle of summer now and I wish I was laying out in some beach. These Giuseppe Zanotti flats are a perfect reminder of the season.

Gianmarco Lorenzi Orange Sandals

For starters, I reaaallly love the colors and color combination of this shoe. Nothing says spring more than sunset-ish orange paired with subtle metallics. I am also loving the origami like designs and precise cuts that make up the straps of the shoe. What do you guys think of these sandals?

Francesco Russo

Francesco Russo has some really great pairs, I cannot wait to discover more about this designer! His shoes have great shape, arch and lovely stiletto heels and his designs have the right amount of quirk with some not so usual elements. Like this pair for example. It's already a gorgeous and simple barely there design but I like that he added a little bit of a fur detail at the back part.

Aquazzura White Heels

I'm really into white stiletto sandals. Nobody does stilettos sandals better than Aquazzura, in my own opinion. Their white ones are perfect in every way! Loving the thin straps with buckles that go all across the shoe, the cut-outs found at the sides and of course the gorgeous stiletto heel. What do you guys think of this pair?

Gianmarco Lorenzi Booties

I haven't seen an ankle boot that I really liked in a long time. This looks like a really simple bootie but when you look at the back and at it's sole, you see some deadly looking spikes. Pretty cool huh? I love shoes that have an element of surprise like these! The heel is one that looks blade thin (reminds me of Casadei's blade heel) and I think that adds to the "deadly" cool factor of the over all style of the shoe. What do you guys think?

Collections : Cesare Paciotti Spring/Summer 2015

Cesare Paciotti's Spring Summer 2015 collection is a really interesting one. It's not the usually bright and vibrant colored collection that is normally associated with spring collections. Well some of the pairs have colors but they are  more subdued and metallic looking . We see a lot of stiletto sandals ad also the trademark dagger symbol in some of the shoes. All in all I am kind of really loving it! What do you guys think?

Loeffler Randall Flats

I have been seeing a lot of flats that I would love to wear lately. I normally stick to ballet flats or thong sandals in terms of flats but lately I am discovering that I love them with ankle strap features. These ones by Loeffler Randall have a distressed looking gold ankle strap which I really, really like and some thin black ribbons to tie it up. I love that the front strap is nice - I feel that this is going to contribute greatly in making you foot look slimmer. What do you guys think?

Sergio Rossi Matisse Pumps

I am loving these Sergio Rossi Pumps! It is such a fun ad colorful pump! It features gorgeous laser cuts around and is inspired by contemporary art. Well it is called the Matisse pump so I'm guessing it's taken after one of the works of the famous painter. What do you guys think of this pair?

Happy Easter from Life is A Shoe and Sala Chaussures

Happy Easter to all you Shoe Coveteurs out there! Hope everyone had a lovely week and a wonderful Sunday! Here are the flat weekenders from my shoe line Sala Chaussures. Wishing everyone a wonderful April and a shoe filled week ahead!

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