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Jingle Shoes

A Pretty Pair to Brighten Up Your Day...Prada

It's Monday again!

It's time for another pretty pair to brighten up you day..

And here's that shoe:

 These are Pradas.

I found them here.

all photos are from the Prada website.

Prada Two tones

I love these Pradas!

I mention continuosly in this blog that I absolutely love two toned shoes! These particualr ones are awesome because it's a snakeskin two-tone!


I found themm here.
All photos are from

A Pretty Pair to Brighten Up Your Day ...Aldo

For the first time since I 'started the "A Pair to Brighten Up Your Day" section, I will be featuring flats:

I have actually already featured the heel version of these, it was also featured in a pretty pair to brighten up your day! (too see that post, click here.)
I just cannot get enough of bows. And what happens when you combine a thick-ish bow such as this with glitter? a gorgeous shoe I would say! I really love the black lining at the edges of the shoe.
I found these here.
All photos are from

Amazing Cougar Shoes

When I say cougar, I literally mean cougar, the animal. Not cougar the woman who hits on younger men. Haha...Here is a beautiful shoe by Charlotte Olympia which has a cougar on it.

Are they hot or not???I personally love them! One usually sees the cougars on necklaces, cuffs or rings - this is the first time I've seen it on a shoe and they are fabulous! I also love the red color and the ribbon that ties on the ankle.
I found them here.
They also have these in black (but i think the red is more appropriate for a cougar shoe don't ya think??? hehe)
All pictures are from the Charlotte Olympia Website.

Colored Aldo Shoes

Love the colors and prints on these Aldos! And ankle straps also make me weak...

I found these here.

Charlotte Olympia Origami Shoes

How cool are these shoes? I wouldn't mind these nestled in my little shoe closet. I really love that there's an ankle strap and love the color combination!

I found these here.

Picture from Bergdorf Goodman.

A Pretty Pair to Brighten Up Your Day

Hello  Readers and Passers-by,

Here is another pair of pretties to brighten up your dreary Monday :)

Usually my "A Pretty Pair To Brighten Up Your Day" posts are of shoes that have bows or glitter, so this is a bit of a departure (which is good because I don't want to be redundant in posting shoes!). Anyway I find these really pretty because of the detailing in the back.The flower is so pretty and I love how it's lined in silver. SO gorgeous and I can definitely see these in my feet!
I found them in Zara.

All photos are from the Zara website.

Topshop Cherry Sandals

How would you like a cute pair of shoes with a cherry on top?

I  love that the cherry, which is usually in a red color is in a sort of metallic ball with green leaves. Not your usual cherry on top, I would say. The velvet material of the shoe doesn't hurt either and normally i'm not into the lucite heel but on this pair, the green plastic doesn't look so bad.

These are from Topshop. Find them here.

All photos are from the Topshop Website.